ZACC Commissioner’s trial opens Chombo can of worms

The trial of Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commissioner, Emmanuel Chimwanda, who is facing charges of breaching the Officials Secrets Act, today opened a can of worms after ZACC Chairperson told the court during cross examination that his commission was investigating “several” cases of alleged corruption by outgoing Local Government Minister, Ignatius Chombo.


It is the State’s case that Chimwanda gave confidential information to officers from the Prime Minister’s office relating to a case in which ZACC was investigating underhand dealings by Chombo.

The State is charging Chimwanda with impersonation, illegal possession of articles for criminal use as well. It is the State’s case that Chimwanda unlawfully acquired a criminal docket that accused former Harare special interest Councillor, Charles Nyachowe, of fraud.

Chirindo, during cross examination by Chimwanda’s lawyer, Jonathan Samukange, said ZACC had received several complaints of corrupt dealings by Chombo from Harare councillors.

He said the allegations are being investigated by the ZACC Investigations Committee.

“Councillors submitted a report to us and we gave the report to our Investigations Committee. We received several complaints and we tasked our Investigations Committee to investigate,” said Chirindo.

When asked on the number of complaints ZACC had received, Chirindo said: “I cannot give a number but like I said before, they were several of them.”

The second State witness, Alex Masiye, who is the ZACC chief investigating officer told the court during cross examination that there was nothing criminal about Chimwanda obtaining a docket that accused Nyachowe of fraud.

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