Election promises: be patient begs Mutasa

Corruption, greed and selfishness among some of its officials will prevent the party from fulfilling its election promises, says a senior Zanu (PF) official.


“It requires everybody to work hard and for our people not to be greedy, selfish and corrupt,” said secretary for administration, Didyms Mutasa in a recent interview with The Zimbabwean. “It will be difficult for us to deliver on our election promises if we have greedy and corrupt people among ourselves.”

Mutasa said his party faced an uphill task of delivering on its election promises and made an appeal to the electorate to remain patient. President Robert Mugabe last week called for zero tolerance against corruption, which he said was working against efforts aimed at developing the country.

Mutasa also warned his party against over-dependence on external support. “I am not very happy to go and beg from external sources. We need to put our heads together and work on our goals and not go begging for hand-outs. We must first of all work on our own before we go to seek external assistance,” he said.

Meanwhile, the party has appealed to Zimbabweans in the Diaspora to return home saying the government needs their skills for economic development.

“They are all Zimbabweans and let them come back home,” said official spokesperson Rugare Gumbo. “It is the policy of the party that Zimbabweans who left the country and were living in other countries should be allowed back into the country. Most of those people have got very good skills and they are highly educated.”

The nation lost a significant number of professionals during the economic decline and political uncertainty of the past decade and a half. Millions settled in neighbouring countries and in the UK, Europe and North America following an economic and political meltdown that turned Zimbabwe into a pariah state.

Gumbo denied that people had fled political persecution from his party. “There are some who just disappeared on false claims that Zanu (PF) was persecuting them. But we are saying that anyone who is a Zimbabwean is free to come home because we need the skills of these people to develop the country,” said Gumbo.

He ruled out any amnesty for what he called “economic criminals” who fled the country to evade arrest and prosecution for crimes involving the externalisation of foreign currency. “Those people would have to justify that they do not have a case to answer to and there are responsible authorities who would be dealing with those matters,” said Gumbo.

The Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Exiles Forum, Gabriel Shumba, said he was cautious that Zanu (PF) was genuine in its calls. “This call should be complemented by a general amnesty and clear guarantees that those exiled for their activism and political beliefs will not be subjected to witch-hunts in the form of prosecution for alleged past political crimes, and that they will be able to conduct their work without fear of harassment,” said Shumba.

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