Factions costing us: Mzembi

Tourism and hospitality minister has openly admitted that Zanu (PF) is riddled with factions -resulting in the suffering of ordinary party supporters.


Speaking at a lavish party hosted by the new energy and power development minister Dzikamai Mavhaire over the weekend, Mzembi said Masvingo province was the worst affected as Zanu (PF) politicians from Masvingo did not speak the same language when attending national meetings.

“What has cost us here in Masvingo particularly, and the country at large, are factions within the party. This has resulted in us politicians from Masvingo failing to unite when talking about national issues,” he said.

“Had it not been for the existence of these factions I want to tell you this whole country would be great and Masvingo province would be great. But at the end of the day it is the ordinary supporter who suffers because of these camps,”he added

Mavhiare hosted the party thanking Zanu (PF) party supporters for overwhelmingly voting for the party and President Robert Mugabe. The party’s disputed victory resulted in Mavhaire being fished out of the political dustbin to become a cabinet minister. “I am running short of words of how I can thank you,” he said at the function.

On the same day in Chivi, former Masvingo governor Josiah Hungwe, now minister responsible for Psychomotor activities in education, hosted another party to thank Zanu (PF) supporters.

Mavhaire is reportedly aligned to the faction led by vice president Joyce Mujuru while Hungwe supports justice minister Emmerson Munangagwa, who was guest speaker at Hungwe’s party at Musunda north primary school.

Zanu (PF) supporters in the province have been assured of feasting every weekend for the next two months as all those appointed to ministerial and deputy ministerial posts have promised to throw lavish parties. The province has two cabinet ministers and seven deputy ministers.

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