Fish farming in Buhera

Aquaculture Zimbabwe has started a fish project as a nutritional supplement for about 500 households in Buhera.

“We have realized that Buhera is a drought prone district that is currently battling critical nutritional levels. We have given the households a total of 150,000 fish as stock to kickstart the project. The fish have a survival rate of 99 percent,” said provincial development officer Daniel Chikoto.

Identification of the project beneficiaries and pond construction sites has been done in cooperation with the Department of Livestock Production, Agricultural Extension, the Environmental Management Agency and the Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Authority.

Chikoto said the special ponds would be sustained with water from the nearby Gaza River. One of the beneficiaries is Simbarashe Muchena, who was recently elected the local chairman of the committee running the project. “We hope to benefit from the fish project that will boost our food rations in our homes,” said Muchena. “With time we hope to sell the surplus to consumers at the nearby Murambinda growth point to have income that will sustain our livelihoods.”

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