“Junior officers” blamed for pursuing Tsvangirai eviction

Junior elements within ZANU PF are said to be making moves to “embarrass” and “humiliate" former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, following reports that a team from the Public Works Ministry visited his palatial home as part of efforts to evict him.


The MDC-T spokesman Douglas Mwonzora confirmed to SW Radio Africa that Tsvangirai’s security details had already been taken away and the former PM was also being denied a pension, which all former government leaders are entitled to. He also said an agreement had been made between Tsvangirai and Robert Mugabe.

“We will not accept what junior officers in government are trying to do. At any rate President Mugabe himself must meet the PM and they discuss looking into what they agreed to before,” Mwonzora explained .

He said the officers plotting to humiliate Tsvangirai were in the Local Government Ministry as well as “other ministries that deal with protecting VIPs”. Mwonzora blasted them for denying the former PM a pension, saying even Ian Smith was given one.

He said: “It is these overzealous officials within ZANU PF who want to humiliate the Prime Minister. But they will humiliate Zimbabwe. They will humiliate Mugabe because he will be looking vindictive, vengeful and very unfair.”

According to Mwonzora, the house at the centre of this row was valued at $790,000 when it was acquired by Tsvangirai. Some improvements that were made increased its value, but not to the $4.5 million that the Public Works Ministry is demanding.

Mwonzora said Tsvangirai was granted the right of first refusal and has the option to buy the house if he so wished. He made an agreement with Mugabe which must now be respected.

Reports said the Central Intelligence Division (CID) has also initiated a legal case against the MDC-T leader and his close ally Hebson Makuvise, who is the ambassador to Germany, over payments they received from the treasury to purchase this official residence.

Zimbabweans commenting on the story online were mostly supportive of Tsvangirai, but some felt that he should move back to Strathaven and forget about haggling over a huge house with Mugabe and ZANU PF. – SW Radio Africa News

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