Madhuku puzzled by Mugabe victory

Lovemore Madhuku, leader of the opposition party, says while he does not understand how Mugabe won the July 31 election, he still blames the MDC-T for giving the 89-year-old President another chance.

Lovemore Madhuku
Lovemore Madhuku

Madhuku, a University of Zimbabwe law professor, said the MDC-T gave Mugabe sufficient room to manipulate the country’s electoral process. He told the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) congress that the MDC-T gave Mugabe too much power through the new constitution.

The NCA campaigned for a no vote during Zimbabwe’s constitutional referendum held in March this year, a development that widened fissures between the constitutional body and the MDC-T.

Madhuku blamed the MDC-T for being “crybabies who plotted their own downfall”.

“Where Mugabe got his votes, we do not know,” he added. “What we know is that Mugabe had this constitution which he signed and he was responsible for duties such as appointing the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) commissioners and after that, we do not know why the MDC-T wants to complain when they gave the powers to Mugabe in the new constitution.”

Mugabe’s victory was condemned by the MDC-T, civic society group and most Western nations for a myriad of irregularities, including the lack of an audited voters’ roll.

Madhuku, however, conceded that his political party faced a lot of hurdles in its bid to oust Mugabe and Zanu (PF) from power.

“For the NCA, the MDC-T’s departure from government left us with a bigger burden than the one we had before. They left the country with a constitution that is as undemocratic as before,” he said.

Madhuku denied claims he was working with Zanu (PF) to sabotage the MDC-T.

“They claim that Madhuku is now Zanu (PF) yet they spent more than four and a half years with him (Mugabe). The closest that I came to Mugabe was in 1990 when I was graduating at the University of Zimbabwe,” he said.

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