MDC-T activists blocked from farming in Mvurwi

MDC-T supporters have been barred by Zanu (PF) activists from farming at resettled farms in Wards 24, 26 and 30 of Mvurwi as punishment for their political affiliation.

During the run up to the July 31 elections, Zanu (PF) activists told MDC-T supporters to denounce their political affiliation or face punishment in the event of a Zanu victory. After the elections, Zanu supporters moved around recording names of MDC-T activists, and told them they would “pay for voting against Zanu (PF)”, sources told The Zimbabwean .

Zanu (PF) activists have now reportedly started to allocate the land owned by MDC-T supporters to their loyalists – especially in Hota Farm in Ward 24, Hariana Farm, Msengezi Farm and Luckynow Farm in Ward 30 and Chigamba Farm, Mondezi Farm and Chidziva Farm in Ward 26.

“They are saying that only Zanu (PF) supporters are fit to utilise the land. Of major concern is the fact that most of the affected people relied on farming for their living,” said the source.

MDC-T Information and Publicity Secretary for Mashonaland Central, Isaac Mupinyuri, said: “Yes it is true, especially at Msengezi farm, some of our activists have been told that they cannot plant their crops there because they support the wrong party.”

Zanu (PF) Information and Publicity Secretary for Mashonaland Central, Paul Mazikana, expressed ignorance when contacted for comment. “I have no knowledge concerning that. But I know we have some illegal settlers who had gone into the farms and these are the ones being moved out because we need order in these farms,” he said.

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