Mozambican first lady promotes child welfare

Mozambique’s First Lady, Maria da Luz Guebuza, on Monday called for families to promote the welfare of children. Speaking at a rally in the town of Dondo, in the central province of Sofala, she argued that this is crucial for creating the conditions for the nation’s development.

The First Lady pointed out that the recent discoveries of coal in Tete province and natural gas in the Rovuma Basin would create employment for skilled candidates. However, she argued that it is necessary for Mozambicans to send their children to school so that these jobs do not all go to foreign workers.

In particular, she condemned premature marriages, lamenting that some girls are marrying before they finish school (the United Nations last year stated that 18 per cent of girls marry before the age of 18).

Maria da Luz Guebuza added that the economic boom in Tete would drive demand for food such as tomatoes, potatoes, vegetables and fruit. She stressed, “we need to produce this locally. Currently, much of it is being brought in from South Africa”.

She also appealed for the elderly to be treated with more respect, stating, “we must not marginalise our elderly or accuse them of witchcraft”.

During her time in the town, she visited a chicken production facility, a cooperative for disabled people and an orphanage.

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