Mozambique: Major road works on Mozambican-SA road

Repair work has begun on a 35 kilometre section of the EN4 motorway linking Maputo and South Africa.

The work is on “section 17” between Moamba and the neighbourhood of Mahlampswene, an outlying neighbourhood of the southern city of Matola. The construction company WBHO will carry out the repairs.

According to Trans African Concessions (TRAC), the company that operates the toll road, the rehabilitation is to cost 1.147 billion meticais (about 39 million US dollars).

The repair work will take a year and includes improvements to the road surface, pavements and drainage.

WBHO is required to stop work between 15 December and 10 January. During this period, it must make sure that the road is available without restriction.

TRAC’s chief representative in Mozambique, Fenias Mazive, told a press conference in Maputo that overweight vehicles are responsible for the damage to the road.

A new weighbridge is to be built to discourage truck owners from overloading their vehicles.

Currently, there are two weighbridges at the Maputo end of the motorway and thousands of trucks are fined each year for exceeding the legal weight limit. However, many more manage to avoid the weigh stations by taking detours along back streets.

A traffic survey by TRAC between October 2011 and March 2012 estimated that 19 per cent of trucks using “section 17” were overloaded.

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