Political parties, churches, traditional leaders and government discuss post-election scenarios

Leaders of Zimbabwe’s main political parties, government representatives, the churches and traditional leaders began meeting in Harare today (Wednesday, 30 October 2013) for a post- election dialogue conference.

The three day conference aims to identify key post-election scenarios and provide a platform for reflection and analysis.

Zimbabwe’s political parties including ZANU PF, MDC T, the MDC, Mavambo Kusile Dawn, ZAPU and the NCA have been invited to give their perspectives on nation building and inter party relations as a building block for lasting peace and prosperity. Senior government representatives will explain opportunities for political and social development in the new Constitution, the indeginisation policy and the challenges and the opportunities that this policy presents.

The conference, which is being convened by the Zimbabwe Council of Churches, will also focus on the political, economic and social environment, the role of the church and the outlook of the new government.

ZCC President Bishop Ishmael Mukuwanda said it was critical to engage government, the churches, political parties and other key stakeholders early in order to chart the way forward and ensure that those that have been elected are reminded to adhere to their election promises.

He said it was important for the church to scale up its leadership in national processes. The church he said had a role to play in consolidating Zimbabwe’s electoral democracy and stability and it was therefore crucial that space be created for it.

“While it is important to draw lessons from the harmonised elections, there needs to be some urgency in holding government and political leaders accountable by engaging them early on their vision, policy positions and issues to do with accountability. We as the church have to remain vigilant and be critical of government and political parties when they do not adhere to the provisions of our new Constitution,” said Bishop Mukuwanda.

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