Remove me and MDC is doomed, says Tsvangirai

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has said the party will collapse if he is removed from its helm.


Addressing party supporters at Mucheke Hall in Masvingo, Tsvangirai said there was need for continuity despite the defeat his party had suffered at the hands of Robert Mugabe’s Zanu (PF) in the July 31 election.

“When you are in a struggle you do not unnecessarily change those at the forefront because it will weaken your cause,” said Tsvangirai. “If you remove me that will be the end of it and you all know that.”

With regard to the elections, Tsvangirai said it was clear that Zanu (PF) had rigged the polls.

“We did not lose the elections, but victory was stolen from us,” he said. “We therefore need to be calm and map the way forward… what I know is that Zanu (PF) will never be able to run this country,” he added.

“We are prepared for any talks or negotiations with them but on one condition – that we should go for fresh elections where a new government with the will of the people will govern.”

Turning to the issue of infighting within his party, Tsvangirai said those who did not want to toe his line should leave.

“If you feel we can no longer move together, then you are free to join all these other parties,” he said. He added that during the next elections his party would conduct primary elections early to avoid confusion.

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