Shadow ministers will hold govt accountable: Majome

The MDC-T shadow cabinet system will safeguard a vibrant multiparty arrangement of democratic government enshrined in the Constitution, by combating the dictatorship of one party rule, says shadow justice minister Jessie Majome.

Jessie Majome: I  will push for the integrity of the legal system.
Jessie Majome: I will push for the integrity of the legal system.

“It is the responsibility of shadow ministers to keep in check complacency and arrogance in government – and to keep those in power on their toes,” she said. “Government must be held accountable to the people’s aspirations in general and promises made by Zanu (PF) during the election campaigns.”

Majome said her ideal justice scenario would be that ‘underpinned by the rule of law as opposed the current Zanu (PF) induced selective application and abuse of the law’.

There should be universal access to justice whereby everyone including the poor and uneducated, is able to use and approach the courts which would be independent both politically and administratively.

She said she would closely monitor the Zanu (PF) Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs ministry against the Constitution’s guarantees of the rule of law and regional and international best practices.

Majome also plans to offer better alternatives, which an MDC-T government would have implemented if it were in power. Safeguards to the Constitution and putting an end to the prevailing culture of impunity for gross human rights violations, including 2008 electoral violence, will top her list of priorities.

“I will push for the integrity of the legal system as opposed to the corruption presently riddling the entire system. Our focus should be to enable the utmost respect for the constitution and human rights. Only a properly functioning, democratic, multiparty Parliament can serve its purpose,” she said.

The shadow cabinet has 21 members , five less than the ruling party cabinet. Despite Zanu (PF) dismissing the shadow cabinet as ‘a useless grandstanding effort by the losing party’, analysts said the arrangement would benefit the country.

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