Telecel reduces data dongle price

Telecel has reduced from $30 to $25 the cost of its data dongle to enable more people to access data from their computer affordably and conveniently by taking advantage of Telecel’s fast data speeds and affordable data bundles.

The data dongle comes with 300MB of data and 30 SMSs already pre-loaded. It is high speed and allows for optimal download and upload speeds.

“The reduction in the price of our data dongle is yet another way in which we are giving our customers better value for their money.

“With the demand for internet access rapidly increasing and more people regularly using internet services the need to provide affordable high speed data services has become crucial,” Telecel marketing director Octivious Kahiya said.

The dongle can be plugged into a desktop computer or laptop, enabling the user to access the internet from anywhere through the Telecel network.

Not only are Telecel’s data bundles competitively priced at $10 for 160Mb, $20 for 400Mb, $45 for 1Gb and $75 for 2Gb but, with Telecel’s Broadband plus promotion, subscribers can access double the amount they pay for, since they are credited with 100 percent bonus data

“Giving best value for money is one of Telecel’s brand values. The reduction in the price of our dongle should, we hope, enable more people to take advantage of the fast, high quality and affordable data service we offer.

“Those who make use of our data services for the first time are amazed at how fast and reliable they are, quite apart from the cost advantages there are of utilising such competitively priced data services,” Mr Kahiya said.

Telecel has made a name for itself as a company that continually finds ways of making its services more affordable through innovative products and promotions.

It recently won a Marketer’s Association of Zimbabwe award for its Telecel Red, an innovative package designed to provide contract services that offer usage of up to five times the value of the subscription and ensure subscribers can keep control of their expenditure and do not receive unexpectedly high bills.

The data dongles can be purchased from any Telecel outlet. Telecel has recently opened nine new shops around the country, including, in Harare, at Machipisa, Westgate and Sam Levy’s Village. It expects to open more outlets before the end of the year.

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