Two kidnappings within 24 hours

The wave of kidnappings which began in Maputo in late 2011 shows little sign of easing, despite the arrest of more than a dozen alleged kidnappers, and three ongoing trials.

According to a report on the independent television station STV, there were two kidnappings in Maputo within the last 24 hours.

In the first case, on Monday evening, an Asian man was snatched at gunpoint from a car in Olof Palme Avenue, in the centre of the city.

The second case took place on Tuesday morning. The victim was a woman who had just dropped her daughter at the city’s Portuguese School. Security at the school gate was clearly non-existent. Armed men grabbed the women and bundled her into their car. The woman’s Range Rover was left parked outside the school.

For security reasons, the police have not released the name of the woman, and the families of neither kidnap victim have been prepared to speak to the press.

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