War vets’ widows form welfare group

The widows of war veterans have formed a union to fight for their welfare, claiming the government has failed to take care of them.

Irene Mudukuti, the union’s president, said they had already started to lobby and advocate for policy reforms to address the plight of its members.

“The government has dismally failed to come up with credible and viable plans to address our welfare,” she told The Zimbabwean. “We are moving around the country setting up provincial structures. We will lobby to the government to consider our plight.”

Widows of liberation war icons are credited with supporting their husbands during the struggle for independence.

“We and our husbands played a critical role in bringing liberation to this country. We cooked for them and encouraged them to fight,” said Mudukuti. The union has so far set up groups in Harare, Bulawayo and Mutare.

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