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More and more Zimbabweans, both at home and all over the world, are using social media to communicate. The Zimbabwean is committed to helping Zimbabweans everywhere to claim and access their right to give and receive information. So every week we stimulate debate on a number of issues affecting us. These are your responses in this week’s issue:

Prosper Sibanda
Prosper Sibanda

Will Zanu (PF) succeed in raising $7,3 billion from the indigenisation programme?

I dnt think its so much an issue of us running our own show bcz even i we do get em co. shares ,thats merely treating e symptoms n nt e root of e problem,hence if we dnt tk care of 1st things 1st,we will merely end up where we begun…accountability,governance etc nid to be dealt w bcz truth be told,if we cnt bring a minister b4 parliament to account for what he and his ministry did w e money they were given along with the outryt evidence for it,then we r still engaged in child’s play.if authorities can not be prosecuted for corruption that is in plain sight simply becoz there is NO LAW that can be used to do that,wat are we doing as a nation(Bill Clinton got kicked outta e sit of the most powerful person in office under the sun by e pple n parly of his nation simply becoz of an AFFAIR with his P.A),wat will happen to that $7.4 Billion that will be raised thru indeg,and what r e chances of u n i benefitting frm it at the bottom of the pyramid unless u know someone who knows someone..or God hvn hv intervened…most of the people placed at the top/helm of most of these strategic ministries dnt even hv corresponding academic qualifications…wat will a person who did arts at xul know abt engineering for exxample..then u gv em $20 million to run such a ministry,u can do the math on that. – Tapiwa Pfumojena

Day dreaming. – Robert Chekenyika

Kevin Mkombo whether he creates them or not, which he will, thise companies should be locally owned chete.our land, our pride, our sovereignty.we will run our own show. – Kevin Mkombo

Ask not wat yo country can do for u but wat u can do for yo country.handouts will never solve our problems.ita zvinhu zvako wega kwete kuda kumhanya nemakarimwa. – Glenda Musi

They can go ahead in the name of bogus indegenisation but its not gonna help the general public but only the top Zanu pf bigwigs at the expense of Zimbabweans and the economy. – Irvine Mupfuri

Another grenade to his feet.as long as the money z in corrupt hands nothing z gonna chnge. – Prosper Sibanda

Zviroto zvavaifunga izvo! They can’t succeed to raise this amount. – Wellington Easykay Cephas Zviroto

They can bt 1 billion will go to the Boss and 4 billion wil be shared by his frnds Chihuri, Chiwenga, Zimhondi, Rita etc then change wil go to the freinds of Zanu (PF). – Ephraim Sithole

Its @shame. – Lloyd Homani

Seeing is believing. Action is what is needed. Besides, totenda maruva tadya chakata. – Lloyd Choto

Day dreaming. – Honest Chademana

Who will police the police. – Andrew Sithole

We need that now. – Nixon Mtakwa

1billion will be raised for Mugabe. – Blaz John

A government of looters,makudo chaiwo but mwari havadhakwe there shall come payback time. – Bee Tee

Should children help on farms to supplement family income?

No option coz there z no employment in our country. the money tht e parents gets Satisfy em fo food only nthng else. – Brighton Gwasera Gwenzi

Helping isn’t a problem. We grew up helping our families but not at the expense of our studies. Education first! – Mutsa Murenje

Employees should pay school fees for children they keep around their farms and plantations. Poverty is real so as labour shortages so someone has to play his part now or else you are fighting this war as loosers. I grew up on a farm, and had to work to help my parents so as gain favour from my employer who paid my fees in return. – Aleck Ngolo

No children must go to learn first. They shld go thru all stages of life. – Oliver Madyiwa

Is that even a question!!! – @BlackArt13

Child labour its bad but it shld be coz the responsible authorities are reluctant to sieze so thus why it is at rife like nobody’s business. – Irvine Mupfuri

Childlabour is never a solution & always symptomatic of a bigger socio-economic problem. Govt needs to act. – @MariAnneChiromo

Best way to help families is to equip kids to earn a sustainable living with future options. That comes through education. – @ZimChildren

Do you think Zanu (PF) will deliver on its election promises?

I think it would need divine intervention for ZANU PF to move the economy an inch forward. – @RebelMunyukwi

If the party fails to deliver in 3 decades,it can’t deliver in 5 years. – @mambondiyani

Zanu pfs promises cant take off without economic recovery so forget promises if they dnt get that right. – @teldah

If the succession dispute doesn’t distabilise the party yes, some elements are eager to prove themselves e.g Chinotimba. central to this argument is the role of the opposition. – @TapiwaMunjoma

Sanctions…e west….. – @zimbo_analyst

The ZANU PF manifesto was full of rhetoric, void of ideas and bankrupt of substance. It was just cheap politicking. – Donald Mzondo

MeYah I do think Zanu (PF) can deliver a mighty devastating blow and finish off our economy through looting and calculated corruption!!!!! – Menzi Dakeni

Zanu PF has never delivered any of its promises before so what has changed now that will make them deliver now? Same tired old faces growing older and senile and you expect anything good out of them? lf you cant deliver when you are still young and vigorous, can you do so in your last kicks…..? – Regis Kaledza

Zanu pf has always blamed someone besides themselves for failure. During the GNU era they have said the country did not make any meaningful ‘progress’ because the MDC was sabotaging development. This sanctions rhetoric is very tired and I think the party should take responsibility for failure. For them to justify failure and play the blame game is rubbish. we want progress. and true, we have been looking East. kana zvisingaite, then there is need to come up with fresh ideas on how to manouver and remember we have said we are a sovereign country, so why should we be crying for the west? – Sofia Mapuranga

I think the question is should we put the blame on sanctions coz recently, i talked to the chairpereson of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association, Jabulani Sibanda, who said that sanctions should not be used as an excuse for failing to deliver coz Zimbabwe has countries that are friendly to them. In this regard we should be asking whether the Look East policy is going to take us forward. – Edgar Gweshe

When they made election promises, they new they were working in an environment of sanctions so it is no excuse. And it is unlikely that there will be change. This isn’t a new party. They had 33yrs in which to improve the lives of the citizens, did they not? – Jerà Afrika

That manifesto is flawed and not bankable. How they were going to create the 2.2 million jobs was not specified anyway. Jobs creation is not their priority, their priority is buying themselves expensive fuel guzzlers. They have no concrete plan on jobs. Indigenisation doesn’t create meaningful jobs, it sheds jobs. I see no Canaan here, we shall remain in the desert. Already they have started their voodoo Economics, if you read Zim-ASSET, the latest economic blueprint, you will see for yourselves. – Clémence Machadu

They have already failed, nothing new will come out of this old notoriours formed party. – Douglas Gwenzi

The Party of and for the people will make it! – Joseph Msipa

How can Zimbabwe get the most value from our natural resources?

This is so true look at Brazil citizen’s are rejecting foreign owned companies. Partnr and acquire technlgy frm those with technic,resources should be processed locally then sold at better prices on global market. – @maddlycool

By stopping corruption, and you will see how the country will flourish once again. – @TJwekwaChipunza

There are alot of nations that progresed under sunctions because of good management and comitments, its jst that some madala’z in d gvt are gready and selfish. – Blessing Makweche

Zim will never get the best out of its resources if there is no transparency in management of said resources. I wanted to see a completely autonomous committee handle the proceeds of resources and indiginisation. The Zimbabwean electorate has been blinded and our govt hasn’t evolved even if MDC won nothing would change. Zanu PF lack competent opposition, MDC is in shambles, they cant put pressure on Zanu PF. We are also lacking a system that holds those in control accountable for how the resources are managed. – @Vulk_8

There is no way our illegitimate govt going to release control over the indiginisation process. however indiginisation is not a real thing. It has been created as decoy for wealth assasment by Zanu-PF. Zimbabwean can abuse Zim’s resources as much as foreigner. How you utilise more important than just ownership. – @RebuildZimbabwe

Value addition instead of exporting raw. Deal with corruption! – @dubbydacious

Pane ari kudya neExport without value addition ka. – @tendo t

We need to look at the successful tactics of other countries & learn from their mistakes too. Australia is a good example of good and bad in this. So is Botswana. – @ndau_jewelry

Love clean water, education, service delivery, employment, fairness, healthcare and above all, l don’t want to HASSLE. refine our own minerals and sell at the market value without involving too many people along the chain. – @QueenNosipho

A recent IMF Per Capita Index said states that Zimbabwe is the richest country on the planet, in terms of resources per person. Why then are we are still a low income country, full of poverty? It’s because 87 percent of our exports are raw materials! Commodity exports cannot lead to sustainable growth. We need to add value these raw materials locally and fully realise the income. Commodities are vulnerable to external shocks, and we are price takers. We can only write price tags for 87 percent of our exports through value addition. When we export raw materials we are also exporting jobs abroad, which is why we also have this alarming unemployment rate. Let us start the revolution of value addition. It starts with changing our laws which are promoting disinvestment, particularly the indigenisation law. – Clémence Machadu

They can’t achieve what they failed in 33 years. Will the leopard change is colour? – Andrew Mumpande

Was Dudu’s sentence too tough or not tough enough?

18 months is just a joke!!! Minus 1 third = 12 months!!! She’s very luck. – Emmanuel Dibi Deo Garcia

Justice should always take it’s course. I wonder whether she will eat cheese behind bars? You remember what she said about people from Mbare. – Bhure Blessing WekwaMuchena

Luckily she didnt kill an elephant, otherwise her fate would have been more different.In other words we beibg told animal lives are more important than human lives coz if one cn get 15 years for stealing a cow while on the other hand one gets 2yrs for killing a human being…all we cn say is the gods must be crazy. – Mdara Dzi

I think the law was blind to her face or status and it should be applauded for doing that. Yes, I am one of the fans, but would like to believe that the sentence was fair. She was not a certified driver and as her result of her actions somebody died. But it was not her intention to have someone die. Maybe an emergence situation compeled her to sit behind the wheels on that fateful day. So, taking into account all that, 18 months is a fair sentence. – Clémence Machadu

Not tough at all. – Croco Deus

The sentence was not tough enough, there was life lost by her unjustified action. – Tichaona Harare

Whether premaditeted or unintentional,the charge was serious and nothing can justify the killing part…especially when Its human life involved.So the difference is the same!what if her negligence driving costed 5lives,or even 10lives, would u still say it was culpable homicide…..yeah it might hav bn unintentional but the bottom line is crucial.so to let such offenders go free mandela wont just be unfair to the victims but it would perpetuate a rise in similar crimes…zvichirwadza kudaro vanhu ngavasungirwe mhosva dzavo. – Mdara Dzi

I am sure we ve to redefine justice. – Farai Thomas Murimigwa

Kuti akauraya achida here musadaro in fact kwanai. – Douglas Chagonda

That’s quite unfair! – Tom Tinashe Majuru

She is just as deadly as a poacher. – Alois Guzha

The law is prudish. It’s not just about the law, it’s about the reasoning behind the law. – Clémence Machadu

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