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More and more Zimbabweans, both at home and all over the world, are using social media to communicate. The Zimbabwean is committed to helping Zimbabweans everywhere to claim and access their right to give and receive information. So every week we stimulate debate on a number of issues affecting us. These are your responses in this week’s issue:

Es Suz
Es Suz

Should Chinese companies bringing in their own nationals to work in Zimbabwe?

Hey Zimbabwe is now becoming a Guang Dou province. – Charles Matorera

They better not come in saying they are investing and promoting our economy. We have multitudes who can get/do those jobs. – @dcirur

It’s a very bad idea with employment rate so high Chinese are thinking for themslves. – @stanleeslie

No ! at list 3 per company. – Lordwill Maphosa

Will you register your mobile phone to avoid arrest?

Potraz must create an independent org to carry out such an exercise. – @ChikavaZivai

Its crazy..utter madness why arrest a person over such an issue wen people committing bigger crimes walk free. – @TakuMaclean

No,just deactivate any and all unregistered sim cards. – @thatBeekayGoon

The best way is to cut off the line which has not been registered, finish and kla. – @TJwekwaChpunza

why not just disconnect the line? – @RKanyera

What ever. – Tawengwa Masaiti

Jijita huyai musunge handina kuregister. – Philemon Tafadzwa

Zanu pf heading towards a disastrous thumping at the 2018 election.i will vote for the NCA. – Huggla Caprice

Who cares. – Lucky Basarokudya

Watsha umuntu egijima madoda! So these monsters are here to make quick money thru illegal means and it takes these useless gvts ages to catch ‘em? – Dingindlela Dube

Tatitadiyi? tichafuriswa dzihwa negokora! nodody in zanu cares 2 inform nation on how they are going 2 improve the economy, but quick 2 implement draconian laws 2 subjudgate the ppl! – Jacob Mabvunure

Kkkkkkk…. hit them hard. – Dingindlela Dube

Kikikin bayahlanya ababuze thina bafo. Uyabona I process ye RICA, I nd my coleagues hv proven it to the SA (named) minister of communications….that it is futile. Yu c wen 8ta was just 2 months old, 8million rands was stollen from it throug the RICA process nd we hunted them down nd got all of them if not most. Those guys were registering the sim cards like 1000 sims with one stolen or lost I’d or passport. This shows a giant loophole as the RICA process ddnt pick it up or least of all suspect. I was tracing a suspect’s nomber thru the (IME) wen I discoverd that the same I’d book is having like 70 sim cards. Thus where it all emanated Dube. Bayimtshaza laba akulanto abayenzayo nje just to spend fortunes at nothing. – Mzamo Effort Tshabalala

To hell with these cowards hu wana monitor ppl’s means of communication. It is to no avail, the process. Ppl can venture to other means when they wana consipre on mulpractices, so the fat minister must stop a futile excercise of hunting caged prey. – Mzamo Effort Tshabalala

Wena ukhuluma ngento oyaziyo sibili……!!!! – Dingindlela Dube

Hawu, inkantolo yakhona sisayihamba namanje ziyangena intolongweni lezi ngezase Nigeria. It took 26 months, then a similar case arose where a white man from another country was nabbed for doing the same thing to MTN for about a year nd so, etshontsha 5cents or 10 cents from every call made thru all mtn sim cards. Bt ngoba sasesivezile okunengi the hawks cld easily get the guy. – Mzamo Effort Tshabalala

We already have. One once said

(yu can steal, its legal. It becomes illegal only wen yu get caught). Make sure they don’t catch yu. The law is ok if kept bent, wen yu r caught yu then hv broken the law….” Bayazikhulumela kikiki. – Mzamo Effort Tshabalala

Hahahaha, am sure there are special people out there who have the right to bend and break it….just saying, judging by the look of things! – Dingindlela Dube

No l wont ndoshandisa MTN yangu kana zvanetsa. – Edson Marvel Nyika

Zimbabweans loose contract jobs to Chinese nationals. Share your thoughts.

The labourers are convicts which causes problems in many countries in africa. – @simhendi

Surely it’s illegal to employ foreigners when Zimbabweans can do the job? They should definitely put laws in place. Of no benefit to economy otherwise- just theft of resources. It’s colonialism all over again or just plain theft. Whatever, it is wrong. The bonus of exceptional skills is that others learn- this is not the case. Don’t want to give idea that I’m anti immigration cause not but this is wrong. Do they at least pay tax? – @ShelleyPeters

Not really illegal but the gov should put laws-if not there, that give preferance to citizenstrue? In SA a co. needs to write a motivational letter as to y they want to employ a foreigner & he/she has to possess exceptional skills that the local candidates don’t have. True, I feel the Chinese are being afforded too much latitude to do as they please, dont forget all.The money they make goes back to China. – @JohnDoeZW

Indeginize. – @mr_moyo_sir

Guess it’s a question of both legality & morality. Zim labour law experts might help out on legality. – @mdimairo

Is the ZRP is a professional force?

ZRP now very compromised. Corruption & politics have exposed the force. Pretty much so. Traffic police make more money than zinara or zimra. – @ibmatteu

Are conditions acceptable in Zimbabwe jails? If not, do you care?

The police force is partisan in zim. They aplly the law differently to the pple of zim. If u break the law and belongs to the ruling party, u may be investigated just to blind pple. If u belong to opposition party MDC in particular u are always rong according to them. The zim jails again are more like hell than jails.. The food , accomodation n clothing haaa its too much. – Oliver Madyiwa

We shld try to push fo change thus all. With the current gvt we can not do any reforms but reforms are necessary. Pasi nehudzvanyiriri. Nomatter wat it takes n hw long it ttakes, we shld daily count down to change. – Oliver Madyiwa

Cynthia Manjoro is a bitter woman with no kind words for Zimbabwe’s criminal justice delivery system, especially the police. She believes the police officers tasked to investigate the murder of Inspector Petros Mutedza on May 29 2011 in Glen View, Harare, are partisan and says their conduct throughout this case should be probed. Manjoro recalled the trauma of staying in prison under inhuman conditions and the painful experience when her four-year-old son rejected her when she was eventually released on bail in December 2012.

Government should pay compensation for that. Sue Government my dear. – Godfrey Ngaite Malinga

Its sad you ask this question about our police.who by this time in our nation who does not know that the police are an extension of zanu pf?infact all security people stand for zanu pf.we do not have a professional police force but we have in place a force doing zanu pf activism.it is an insult to say ZRP.instead it should read Zanu pf Republic Police. – Donald Kaonde

Ukasungwa kuzim unenge waenda kujere ka. – Michael Mpofu

Would you date someone who has been accused of rape?

An accusation is not a guilty verdict. But rape eish zvonetsa. – @Cursnheelsblog

Can shadow ministers accomplish anything?

Where ever has it been useful? So long as they don’t become mere opposers of everything that is Zanu (PF). In short, predictable – @SureKamhunga

Yes & they should share their thoughts on what should be done differently. YES they can. They can provide an alternative voice for the people. We need to hear other ideas thru open dialogue. In this polarised environment,I believe used effectively shadow ministers could offer other views to us the people. – @SirNige

Is a shadow cabinet just a waste of time?

This idea has worked wonders in South Africa with the DA it only needs the MDC ministers to be able to articulate party policy and counter whatever is being said and done by those in power. – Chidza Sachidza

Depends on your meaning of “achieve”. – @TiChitsinde

In a corkscrew upsidedown democracy like we have. – @Kukchiggs

what is a shadow minister & what is their Job description? Do they have a seat In the Parliament? I think its a noble idea, sometimes the government needs to be challenged in order to deliver. However what Zimbabwe want is sustainable development not criticism to win 2018 elections . – @xriss13m

Its really a sheer waste of time. How do you justify its potential use operating silhouettely….when you failed to deliver in gvt the time you had executive powers. – Shredin Vastcha London

A minister appointed to same portfolio as of a sitting minister supposed to shadow their performance. – @SureKamhunga

Its a good idea but rather than installing a shadow cabinet, they should have addressed the causes of their defeat apart from the rigging consolement! thus they may have reshuffled their executive and presidency to allow new blood to flow in!for how long have they bn having these shadow cabinets wthout getting into a real one? – Stephen Zimuto Chinhuwo

Waste of time. – Es Suz

I m of th view tt if th shadow cabinet wld level meaningful & constructive criticism agnst th cabinet of th th day th whole arrangment wld at least ensure tt th present ministers wld b wary of a watchful & critical eye & thus they wld try 2 discharge their duties 2 th best of their abilities & primarily they may learn better & viable ideas frm th oposition.so cn elaborate yr felings petaining 2 ths arangement by th oposition my man! – Teekay Tikazy

Zvokwadi zvokwadi maMinister e Zanu (PF) kutotadza kurara nekuti izvo kashadow minister ke MDC karikuongorora? Ngatiregei kurota hama dzangu. Theoretically yes, but lets look at what is on the ground. VeZanu (PF) pavaimboita ignore MDC ministers pa GPA vozoita worried nhasi manje. Zviroto izvo. – Es Suz

I get yr point my man bt surely th oposition cant jst fold its ams on th basis tt thy ar diling wth an adamant & defiant regime for tt wld b tantamount 2 givng up their strugle agnst a represive & supresive political oponent.at least they shld voice up & who knws,th regime might borow or adopt viable ideas frm them nicodemously & hence contribute towards national progress. – Teekay Tikazy

Its all in the hope. Coz frankly speaking Zanu (PF) does not care a bit abt what the MDC says. Especially now after elections and the opposition itself is at its weakest since 1999. – Es Suz

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