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More and more Zimbabweans, both at home and all over the world, are using social media to communicate. The Zimbabwean is committed to helping Zimbabweans everywhere to claim and access their right to give and receive information. So every week we stimulate debate on a number of issues affecting us. These are your responses in this week’s issue:

Tendai Chiwashira
Tendai Chiwashira

What are your thoughts on female ministers? Do you think Mugabe is out of line with modern political trends?

Hol’ up, in zimbabwe there is gender pity, not gender equality. – @BrilliantBrintz

I tried to achieve gender equity on all Boards I appointed whilst Minister – wasn’t a shortage of extremely talented women. – @DavidColtart

Definitely, Africa is missing a critical point in the importance of women representation in governance. – @Nociendlovu

I tend to disagree. People should be appointed on merit not on some affirmative action #justsaying. – @mdimairo

The women I appointed to Boards were there on merit – there are plenty talented Zim women just need political will. One does not apply for Cabinet posts & Board posts – they are solely within discretion of the President & Ministers. I consulted & asked for CVs-it is up to the President & Ministers to be proactive. If there’s a will there’s a way. They are not ad hoc – they are now mandatory ito section 17 of new Constitution #gender balance. Sec 17 is more than aspirational – it is directional. But ultimately it depends on political will. – @DavidColtart

That should be the case. How many women put forward their CV for cabinet positions say & turned down? Yes they are – even more than men. However, they have to apply & put their CVs forward. We should address gender equality by empowering women & encouraging them to stand up & be counted. So what criteria where you using to appoint your board members if they don’t put forward their qualifications/experiences? fair enough. But why do we use ad hoc procedures at the discretion of the minister say? My point is Sec 17 is about what we aim for but not procedures & processes to reach the goals of gender equality. Yes, I wou.ld argue that additional steps & measure shld be taken to address it (section 17). There are current deficiencies. (all in reply to David Coltart). – @mdimairo

Have you or anyone you know benefited from the indigenisation programme? Do you think it can grow the economy?

Like u said “the objective “ behind indeginisation is the key.if its done purposely fr its rightful cause,i dont c it failling.Is this the last cashcow on the list for self enrichment,its anybody’s gues especialy wen the grey haired chaps are back n gov. – Prosper Sibanda

When you have got the elephant by the hind leg,and he is trying to run away,it’s best to let him run.new opinions are always suspected,and usually opposed, without any reason but becoz they are not already common. – Rodgers Rodgers

Indigenisation will not feed us! Do you agree?

It can and It should if its gradual, pragmatic and transparent. – @TitusGwemende

It must be a clinical and patient process to create sustainable businesses, no room for patronage Zanu (PF) style. – @vincemusewe

Why not? it should if well planned, resourced & transparency. Don’t suffer from inferiority complex. – @tendaikwari

Do you think Zimbabwe needs or can afford the new administration of 65 ministers?

Maybe we need to see job descriptions for all these ministers. – @simbarusike

No economy is so weak to sustain such a blotted cabinet. – @farayimate8

The pressure to out-perform the last Government might make this cabinet perform. #MIGHT. – @Musarinya

That’s more ministers than the Celebration Center. – @MikeStaresinic

What are your thoughts about the new Cabinet?

Doomed to death. – @farayimate8

Its too early to say, wait till the end of the year. People seem indifferent at the moment! – @tinotendanyota

If it’s performance appraisal, it’s never early, these guys have been on the job for quite some-time. – @SirGomby

Cabinet won’t impress investors – Zanu (PF) ministers are incapable of charting a viable economic direction for the country, let alone standing up to their leader, President Mugabe.

Even Moses’s stick wud not make water out of this ‘rock’. – Wellington Nyakudirwa

So sad hey. – Tendai Chiwashira

Some appointments baffle the mind,Made back to Agric from their pool there is Nguni & Chinamasa at finance he is too confrontational dealing with investors. – Bee Tee

They have been like that busy amassing there own wealth. – Antony Marufu

We pray for you Zimbabwe. – Neville Crowder

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