Workers stage demo at Marange Resources

Staff at National Eye Security in the Marange diamond fields last week staged a demonstration over unpaid salaries, accusing their employers of gross neglect of health and safety.

The meal served for National Eye Security personnel.
The meal served for National Eye Security personnel.

The workers, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of victimisation, say they are being ill-treated and exposed to inhuman living conditions.

Formerly Canadile Mine, Marange Resources is jointly owned by the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation and Chinese investors.

“Anyone who tries to confront management over any anomaly is fired. The area is a high security risk and we are not allowed any mobile phones and they take advantage of that,” said one employee.

An official from National Eye Security who refused to be identified but said he was from the marketing department, said: “Yes we fire and we do not tolerate nonsense. We are security people and we cannot compromise our clients over individuals with hidden agendas.”

“There is no contact with the outside world and the food that we eat is pathetic to the extent that fellow employees from other companies donate food for us,” said another worker. “We drink plain tea at 3 am and walk to work because transport is only provided for those who guard concessions in Hotsprings, about 28 km away. We walk at least three km to our local concessions. Sadza with either kapenta, cabbage or beans is served at 11 am and then the last meal is served around 6 pm with the same relish. We are like prisoners,” he said.

Last week, the workers only received a month’s salary, despite being owed for three months. “We are not even sure how much we earn because we do not get any payslips and the money ranges between $320 and $340,” said another employee.

The Safety and Health Officer for Marange Resources refused to comment.

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