Youths castigate Zanu for misleading voters

Youth groups say they now doubt Zanu (PF)’s pledge to create jobs after recent statements in which the party continued to blame the West for Zimbabwe’s economic failures.

The Zanu (PF) Secretary for Youth Affairs, Absalom Sikhosana.
The Zanu (PF) Secretary for Youth Affairs, Absalom Sikhosana.

Early this month, the Zanu (PF) Secretary for Youth Affairs, Absalom Sikhosana, said his party would not be able to create the millions of jobs promised in its manifesto due to sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by western countries and the United States of America.

The youths said that the statement dampened their hopes and raised questions about Zanu (PF)’s ability to meet its election pledges.

Zanu (PF) has said Zimbabwe had to rely on a ‘look East’ policy to tackle a myriad of economic challenges affecting the nation.

“We are very disappointed that the party has said they would not be able to create the jobs that they promised in their election manifesto,” said Wellington Zindove, the national coordinator of the Zimbabwe Youth Forum.

“It means that close to 90 per cent of youths no longer have any hope and that tells you the party deceived the electorate. We do not see their being able to fulfil the other promises that they made to the voters.”

He said the forum was doubtful that civil servants would be granted a salary review – another election promise.

“At the moment, they are just creating space for dialogue but we are not sure whether anything tangible is going to come out,” said Zindove.

Lawrence Mashungu, the coordinator of the Youth Agenda Trust, said the issue of job creation by Zanu (PF) was only a campaign gimmick.

“Zanu (PF) promised employment creation but now it has become quite apparent that nothing is going to come out. Maybe they just wanted to appeal to all unemployed youths and later on ditch them after winning in elections,” said Mashungu.

Scepticism was echoed by Alison Darikayi, chair of youth empowerment group Upfumi Kuvadiki. She warned that failure by Zanu (PF) to implement promises outlined in its election manifesto could have serious repercussions for the party.

“People are not going to wait for the next five years to measure the rate with which Zanu (PF) is implementing its election manifesto. Within 100 days, the people will want to measure Zanu (PF) and see whether it is implementing what it promised to the electorate,” she warned.

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