Zanu (PF) to expand alliance to aid economic recovery

Zanu (PF) says it plans to strengthen its ties with more Asian countries to help Zimbabwe achieve economic recovery and growth.

Didymus Mutasa, the secretary for administration, told The Zimbabwean that his party would continue to improve relations with the East to heal Zimbabwe’s ailing economy.

“We are not going to court any of those (Western) countries,” he said. “They are the ones who are going to come back to Harare. We know they will come because we have the resources that they need and we cannot go to them asking them to be our friends.”

Mutasa said the party’s main focus on the East would be strengthened to counter what he called Western hostility towards Zimbabwe.

“We have alliances already with such countries as China and India but there are also other countries that are friendly to us, which we have not started engaging and we are going to be working on that,” he said.

Scepticism was rife that the ‘look east’ policy would not be able to fill the void created by the pull-out of Western investors who analysts said created employment. Asian investors normally bring their own cheap labour into Zimbabwe.

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