ZITT to promote tourist “gem”

As a tourist destination, Zimbabwe has been hailed as a “gem”. In addition to the amazing Victoria Falls, the country has 11 national parks. Lying in the south eastern part of the country and an extension of South Africa’s Kruger National Park is the Gonarezhou National Park which covers an area of 5,000 sq. kms, while Hwange is the largest covering an area of over 14,500 sq. kms located on the western border with Botswana. The park is the country’s most premier game view

Perhaps not so well known is Chizarira, set deep in the heart of the western interior – a lasting vestige of natural habitat whose intricate network of chattering rivers cascades from the bowels of a chain of wild, jungle-draped mountains. The Great Zimbabwe Ruins are one of the most important archaeological sites in Africa, giving testimony to the lost civilisation of the Shona. A great city existed here from the 11th century on, with over 10,000 inhabitants.

Zimbabwe International Travel & Tours is determined to make these attractions accessible to visitors from all over the world. Incorporated in 1998, the company is a fully licensed travel agency committed to handling all of the travel related services and issues within both the domestic and international sectors. It is registered with IATA, the ZTA and the AZTA. “We focus on the concept of service excellence to fulfil our customers’ needs and maintain high standards for their personal satisfaction. We have provided quality packages in order to offer the best possible tourism to all those attempting to discover Zimbabwe,” says a company spokesperson.

Benefiting from the strength of an integrated network of partner companies, ZITT is able to intervene in all areas of the tourism industry: MICE, business trips, organized trips, in-bound and out-bound, hotels, golf and transport. These partnerships make possible an expanded range of tourism products with high added value.

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