Zvidzai denies farm reports

Sessil Zvidzai, the MP for Gweru Urban, has dismissed recent reports in the public media that he applied for a commercial farm against MDC-T policy.

Sessil Zvidzai
Sessil Zvidzai

The Herald last week said several MDC-T officials, including Zvidzai, secretly asked to be considered for resettlement at Coolmoureen Farm, on the outskirts of Gweru. The charge was also dismissed by a senior government official responsible for land allocations.

Zvidzai told The Zimbabwean that the story was meant to discredit him and his party after Zanu (PF) failed to make inroads in Gweru in the July 31 election. “I have never applied for a farm because I am one of those people who strongly condemn how Zanu (PF) has politicised land in this country,” said Zvidzai.

“After having failed to defeat MDC-T in Gweru, Zanu (PF) has now devised a plan to make the electorate lose confidence in me as their MP. But people will not be hoodwinked by such reports.”

The Midlands provincial chief lands officer, Joseph Shoko, said Zvidzai never personally applied for land, but his name appeared on application submitted by a co-operative seeking land for a dairy project.

Zvidzai denied any association with the co-operative, named Moral Re-armament, whose quest for a farm was unsuccessful. The farm was allocated to former farm workers after the previous owner lost the property to the government.

Apart from his lack of interest in agriculture, Zvidzai said he had never heard of such a co-operative, and doubted if it ever existed. “I have no passion for farming. In fact, I have a five hectare piece of land in Bikita which I am not even tilling fully. I have a strong passion for mining Industrial Base Minerals,” he said. “Mining base minerals are my life and my party is happy with this.”

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