Apostles backs CFU dialogue

The Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe says it wants to facilitate dialogue between the government and the Commercial Farmers Union to help the nation to work out a comprehensive agricultural policy.

Bishop Johannes Ndanga
Bishop Johannes Ndanga

“I am busy persuading the government because they can’t say they are not ready to hear what other people are saying because this is not about race but ideas,” said the president of the ACCZ, Bishop Johannes Ndanga, in an interview with The Zimbabwean.

He said government officials did not want to the CFU because “they imposed sanctions”. “The CFU is saying that sanctions must be removed and also they do not want to reclaim back the land. But government has doubts over their sincerity,” he said.

“We are saying that as the church, we have to play our role of reconciliation. The CFU made a commitment to work with government in reviving the agricultural sector – dialogue must take place. We have to let people know that we do not hate anyone, even the Americans,” added Ndanga.

CFU president, Charles Taffs, expressed hope that a collaborative effort between his union and the government could help in alleviating the national food crisis. “We cannot continue to sit at the other side of the table and shout at each other. We want to work with the government to formulate a comprehensive agricultural policy that will put food on the table. We are saying we need to get back to basics and get Zimbabwe working again.

“We are currently in negotiations with the government and we hope they will continue,” said Taffs.

Ndanga implored all church leaders to continue preaching the gospel of peace and tolerance in the country.

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