Baton stick wielding police besiege dismissed MDC-T council workers

Baton wielding police have besieged MDC-T Marondera council workers who were demanding outstanding salaries.

Marondera Municipality served all workers who had been hired by the MDC administration with termination of employment letters yesterday, at the instigation of Zanu (PF) Member of Parliament Marondera Central, Ray Kaukonde.

The 89 dismissed workers converged at the council offices this morning anticipating to get what they are owed by the council, only to be kept waiting since morning by council management.

Instead of being attended to by council officials, the workers were surprised to see baton wielding police details arriving.

“Baton wielding police have put us under siege for demanding outstanding salaries and wages, since we were dismissed from council employment without notice,” said one of the dismissed workers on condition of anonymity.

Part of the letter of dismissal shown The Zimbabwean reads: “We regret to advise that in tandem with clause 6 of the fixed term of employment you entered into with council, your employment contract expired October 29, 2013.

“Meanwhile, the finance department has since been advised to start processing your entitlement.”

The letters of dismissal were signed by the Chamber Secretary, Rinashe Nyamuzihwa.

This was despite the majority of workers having served council for the past four years.

Some of the workers are owed over nine months in unpaid salaries by the financially crippled local authority.

Recently, Kaukonde told a council meeting that he would not work with MDC councilors and workers since he was Zanu (PF).

Kaukonde maintained his position in a telephone interview with The Zimbabwean.

“Get me correct. There is no way I, Ray Kaukonde, would work with MDC. It is just impossible,” Kaukonde said.

When reached for comment the town clerk, Josiah Musuwo, said: “Please contact me later since I am in a meeting deliberating on the issue.”

Kaukonde could not be reached for comment.

Sources said other 71 workers were dismissed from council employment last month.

Council sources revealed that dismissed workers would be replaced by Zanu (PF) supporters.

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