Chitungwiza launches clean up exercise ahead of the rains

Chitungwiza residents have today embarked on a massive month long town clean up exercise, to minimise occurrence of diseases such as cholera, typhoid among other epidemics prevalent during the rainy season.

The exercise involving residents from across the sprawling city will run until end of the month.

Garbage dumped at undesignated places would either be deposited at council dumping sites or buried at appropriate places.

Town mayor, Philip Mutoti, told The Zimbabwean that the exercise was meant to avert a recurrence of opportunistic epidemics among communities during the current rainy season.

He said voluntary residents from various suburbs of the town split into groups and would clean up their respective residential areas.

“The clean up exercise will cover all corners of the town as we would not want to expose lives of residents to epidemics,” Mutoti said.

Chitungwiza like any other town in Zimbabwe, faces service delivery challenges such as refuse collection and consistent provision of safe water.

The cholera outbreak of 2008 which started in Chitungwiza and later spread to other parts of the country, left some 3, 623 people dead and 76, 000 infected.

Cholera is preventable water borne bacterial illness that causes severe diarrhea, vomiting and dehydration, sometimes leading to death if not treated.

It is mainly caused by lack of access to clean water, burst and blocked sewage systems and uncollected refuse overflowing in the streets.

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