Colleges reduce entry requirements and make a killing

Most teacher training schools have reduced their minimum entry requirements to attract Zimbabweans to the profession, officials have said.

Colleges are also asking an unusually high number of prospective candidates for interviews, and charging them $20 each as a fundraising exercise.

Although the teacher training institutions have maintained the entry qualifications of five O level passes, it has emerged that English language and maths are no longer prerequisite subjects.

Benson Mutambudzi, the head of Masvingo Teachers College, said English language and maths were no longer primary requirements for entry, although the students would be expected to pass these subjects before completing the teaching course.

The situation was the same at church-run institutions such as Bondolfi and Morgenster. These colleges have adopted the changed entry requirements.

A lecturer at Bondolfi told The Zimbabwean that all teacher training institutions had reduced entry qualifications.

“It appears Zimbabweans no longer want to be teachers because of poor remuneration associated with the profession,” said Michael Mtsavi, a lecturer. “People now shun the teaching profession.”

Meanwhile, thousands of would-be teachers have attacked college authorities for embarking on a fundraising activity through interviews.

Masvingo invited a record 4,000 people for interviews and charged a non-refundable fee of $20 for only 150 places available at the institution.

“Why would a school or college invite such a huge number of people when 150 places are available,” asked one aspiring teacher. “It is a clear case of fundraising.”

Mutambudzi confirmed the high numbers and the fee but denied that it was a fundraising activity.

“We invited a lot of people so as to get the cream of the crop,” he said. The school is suspected to have raised about US$80,000 through the interview fees.

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