Daddy’s girl

Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a girl aged 18, my mum passed away five years ago. I have been so close to my Dad for as long as I can remember. He is the one I live with most of the time. Apparently he has been dating this lovely woman for the past two years without my knowledge.

The news that he wants to remarry is breaking my heart. I fear to be abused by a stepmother. I have always been Daddy’s girl and I am so jealous that he will not love me like he used to. I am also afraid that my soon to be stepmother may feel jealous. I have met her at home several times and she always smiles at me but I don’t know whether to trust her. What can I do please? – Papa’s Love

Dear Papa’s Love

You are bound to feel jealous seeing another woman close to your Dad after being the only girl in his life for the past five years. That is normal. But you need to grow up one day and accept the reality of sharing your father’s heart with another woman.

This woman in your Dad’s life is here to stay, if there are plans to marry already. Do not assume that she will be a bad person before you get to know her. Give her a chance and avoid judging her before you know her. I am sure she is someone mature enough to accept you as part of your Dad’s life and can understand she will not have him all to herself.

It is a mere stereotype that stepmothers ill-treat or abuse their spouses’ children. If you start believing that of your mother-to-be before you get to know her then you will find it difficult accepting her and you will always see every good she does in a negative way. Give her a chance; she may turn out to be a great friend who will not only make your father happy but you as well. I am sure your father still loves you enough to make sure that the two women he loves are best friends. – Aunty Lisa

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