Exam markers cry foul over allowances

Grade seven exam markers for 2013 say they are owed allowances by the government for their professional services and have only money to cover transport costs.

The Zimbabwe Examinations Council (Zimsec) said the organisation had been hit by a shortage of funds and might not be able to pay the markers.

“Those who are complaining know very well that Zimsec has no money. The little we did have was paid to those who participated in the marking process,” said Silverson Dandira, the Zimsec regional manager.

About 400 teachers in Masvingo took part in the marking process, but only their transport allowances were covered.

“We were given poorly prepared food during the marking process. We thought this would be compensated by attractive allowances,” said one marker.

Teachers’ unions criticised Zimsec for the action and called for the allowances to be given, as well as recommending that, in future, teachers should enter into contracts with the markers to avoid a misunderstanding.

Takavafira Zhou, the president of the Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe said: “Contracts will make things easy and clear when it comes to payment.”

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