Frelimo wins in Gorongosa

Mozambique’s ruling Frelimo Party has won Wednesday’s mayoral election in the central town of Gorongosa, but the opposition Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM) made a respectable showing, taking over 43 per cent of the vote.

The final figures from the 19 Gorongosa polling stations showed that the Frelimo candidate for mayor, Maureze Cauzande, won 3,697 votes (56.99 per cent), while his MDM opponent, Daniel Missasse, won 2,790 votes (43.01 percent).

There had been fears that the former rebel movement Renamo might try to disrupt the voting in Gorongosa, which is the nearest municipality to the Renamo base of Satunjira, occupied by the armed forces (FADM) on 21 October. But in the event, the election passed off without incident.

In the town of Gondola, in the neighbouring province of Manica, with the mayoral results from all 31 polling stations in, Frelimo candidate Eduardo Gimo won with 5.062 votes (57.5 per cent), to 3,742 (42.5 per cent) for MDM candidate Arone Mussualho.

In Manica town, near the border with Zimbabwe, with results now available from 30 of the 35 stations, Frelimo candidate Raimundo Quembo seems certain of victory. He won 7,450 votes (84.32 per cent) to only 1,385 (15.68 per cent) for the MDM’s Delfim Joao.

In Sussundenga, a town that was elevated to municipal status this year, Frelimo looks set for an overwhelming victory. Although results are only in from seven of the 19 Sussundenga polling stations these show Frelimo candidate Venancio Veremo with 1,490 votes (91.98 per cent) to only 130 votes (8.02 per cent) for Albertino Ziai of the MDM.

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