Golf loses its elite tag as rural kids get a chance

Hala Montclair Resort and Casino has started a programme to give something back to the community by introducing golf for people in the rural area.

The programme sees selected students given an opportunity to attend a golf coaching clinic at Claremont golf course in Eastern Highlands. So far, more than 30 students have taken part in a two-day training programme.

The resort’s Regedzai Chamhavi said: “Basically, we are ploughing back into the local communities that have supported us with labour and produce over years.”

She said they believed there was a lot of untapped talent in rural communities, but golf had always been regarded as an elitist sport. She said they wanted to do away with that notion by introducing young black players through supporting the sport at secondary and primary school level.

“We have hired three professional golfers,” she explained. “We want to catch potential golfers young and this will help us promote the sport at grassroots level.” A local professional golfer and trainer, Emmanuel Hungwe praised the initiative.

“Such programmes are long overdue and other companies should emulate this gesture by promoting golf in rural areas and high-density suburbs. The sport is not elitist, but we have to change our thinking and help promote it across the country,” said Hungwe.

A participant in the programme, Ruth Makaure said: “I am happy that I was afforded chance to play golf. We used to pass by the golf course and wonder if, one day, we might have an opportunity to play this game. Government should invest more funds in promoting this kind of sport in rural areas where there are a lot of disadvantaged students.”

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