Innscor to lay off more than a hundred workers

Innscor Africa, which owns Bakers Inn, is reportedly finalising plans to lay off 105 workers at three of its bread-producing plants in Mutare, The Zimbabwean has been informed.

The move will affect workers at its Uptown, Nyakamiti and Tembwe Street production units, and follows Innscor’s acquisition of a new plant that produces 80,000 loaves.

Bakers Inn Mutare branch human resources manager Malvin Mhlanga declined to comment on the issue, but a source in the company’s bakery workers’ committee confirmed that they had been verbally informed of the development by Mhlanga. “We are not moved by this and as workers we have the protection of the law, which is very clear when it comes to such cases, and we fully expect all procedures to be followed. We have a challenge, though, because some workers are still considered contractors when, in fact, legally they are now full-time employees because they haven’t signed any contract renewal in the past eight months,” said the source.

“No-one enjoys going home to stay with no job. It is still our hope that this process is followed through, because we have only been given a verbal notice by the HR (Malvin Mhlanga) about two weeks back, when he addressed people on the ground. No-one has been served with any letter so we just wait to hear from them.”

The Federation of Food and Allied Workers’ Union of Zimbabwe representative, Jeffter Muhvunzi, confirmed the development.

Muhvunzi said they had gathered information to the effect that Bakers Inn Mutare branch was on a downsizing exercise prompted by the acquisition of a new machine.

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