Komichi couple speak out on election fraud custody

The wife of MDC-T deputy national chairman Morgan Komichi has spoken out about what she went through during her husband’s imprisonment in Chikurubi.

Morgan Komichi
Morgan Komichi

Komichi spent three months in remand prison after he was arrested on allegations of electoral fraud. He was convicted and sentenced to 350 hours’ community service.

The Zimbabwean caught up with Rosalia Komichi at Malbereign satellite clinic, where her husband is working his sentence. Wearing a cheerful face, she said that her trust in God was her only source of comfort during her husband’s detention.

“I wasn’t settled because I couldn’t be sure he was safe. It’s not an easy thing that the father is away and you are at home with the kids. But we just put everything in the hands of the Lord because we knew that he would take care of us,” she said.

She said that she had been supportive of her husband in his political career and knew that his incarceration was yet another time to show strength. She added that she had been toughened by past experiences when her husband had been arrested and released.

“During his detention, I did not cry because he has been arrested several times before and on all these occasions we put everything in the hands of the Lord,” said Rosalia Komichi.

When The Zimbabwean arrived at Malbereign, Komichi was just finishing for the day. He spoke of his experiences and his new-found joy, while expressing profound gratitude to his wife for her continued support during his incarceration.

He said his strong religious beliefs gave him the strength to go on as well as the hope that, one day, he would be free.

“I am a member of the Madzibaba eChishanu Apostolic Church and I just kept my faith that I would be free one day. While I was I detention, I used to get visions and that gave me the faith that things would be all right,” he said.

“I will certainly not be deterred. My work is not a hobby, but a calling. I urge all Zimbabweans to stand up and fight for the democratic agenda in this country. The people of Zimbabwe and the whole of Africa should stand up against organisations like Nikuv that are helping illegitimate governments to rig elections.”

Nikuv International is a shadowy Israeli intelligence company that was allegedly hired by Zanu (PF) to rig the July 31 elections. The company has reportedly been operating in several African countries.

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