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More and more Zimbabweans, both at home and all over the world, are using social media to communicate. The Zimbabwean is committed to helping Zimbabweans everywhere to claim and access their right to give and receive information. So every week we stimulate debate on a number of issues affecting us. These are your responses in this week’s issue:

Andrew Sithole
Andrew Sithole

How do you deal with her husband’s friendships with women at work?

Relationships with friends of the opposite sex must be treated with caution especially when married. She is right, she has every reason to fear for what may eventually happen. If you are work mates you should know your limits. – Shadreck Mbiragai

Its said do unto others what you want done to you. Question >> What if the situation was reversed? – @tnyaruwanga

Tell your husband how u feel about their friendship. if he persists telling u that u’re jealous, make him imagine how he will feel if u become close friends with his best male friend.uzambona isibastrong. – Mehleli Ndlovu

Married pple shuld learn to draw boundaries and demacations. if yu find yoself crossing limits, then therez a problem. one’s marital lyfe shuld not be superceded by such freindships that hv a potential to destroy a hard found marriage. – Thokozisi Nxumalo

I think u should talk to your husband abt hw u fee, communiction is very important. – Tambu Chigariro

Kana pane karipo karipo pakati pawo hapana yekutamba u will never stop them just watch in horror. – Baba Bolomi

I think u shld talk to yr husband, communication is very important, it wil solve it all. – Tambu Chigariro

Live your own life you will leave him behind. – Ann Hein

To Loyce: my personal advice to you is that, this is very normal, l dont know if you had been to work, there is nothing wrong about their friendship but what will eat you to the marrow is the fact that you hate it, you dislike it, you will create a false relationship that will kill you. The best idea is never mind what happens away from your eyes, as long as your husband comes back home. You get what you want. Never cheat unless you had a bad past experience. Thank you. – Raymond Muvirimi

Murambe. – Wilson Ketani

Defensive, prevention is better than cure, she might be 80% right know what that cheapest of all pretex can go for centuries. – Andrew Sithole

What can the government do to create jobs for the millions of desperate young people?

ZanuPF can easily turn around the economy – if they really want to. – @BelieveCitizen

Two words: political will. – @BelieveCitizen

I hope it happens soon cause things are getting bad! – @tnyaruwanga

Things ARE getting worse: shortages of cash, jobs, rain(!), food. Back to 2008. – @BelieveCitizen

Do you think things are deteriorating a lot? I know jobs are few. – @shonatiger

THEY continue to bury their heads in the sand. #DENIAL! – @TichRay

It’s time for Citizens to do it ourselves..the gvt has no clue. – @TweetZimbabwe

Do you think Zimbabwe should be allowed to sell its diamonds on the open market? Or are they blood diamonds?

Hats off to Farai Maguwu, my geo teacher, for exposing the illicit dealings happening at Chiyadzwa and his lone, crying voice for sanity and transparency to prevail in the diamond industry for the benefit of every Zimbabwean. – Phaison Jonhera

Not now. – Thomas Muneri

Yes diamonds shud be sold, all zimbabweans benefit not only zhingaz & zanu thugs! – Jacob Mabvunure

Yes they should be allowed to sell their diamonds on a free market as long as there is no killings. – Evans Mulolowa

But there is killing. Until then no SALES! – PissyWhiskers All Black

If the diamonds are said to be blood diamonds it means they are extracted only to save the interests of a particular group. If it is not contributing to the fiscus and benefiting the citizens of a particular country. However, as far as the Zimbabwean diamond is concern ordinary pple have not yet benefited to diamond resources. This means that there is a particular group which is benefiting on behalf of the nation. Therefore, it means blood diamond. – Thomas Muneri

Thats not blood diamonds, its were there is confict(bloodshed or war), and as far it is known there is no such thing. instead the diamonds are to benefit everyone through indigenisation. – Evans Mulolowa

Let them be sold on the open market and then sit back and watch whether this too will make a difference? – @QueenNosipho

Do you think sanctions should stay or go?

Travel sanctions should stay . . . – @keddah83

Don’t know. Is there a difference? – @ibmatteu

They do it no way out. – @RTSUMELE

Maybe they should have been..can Zim survive without sanctions? – @mali_ghana

No African country is free they are all on sanctions so learn to leave with it and learn to do things for your people. – @blesinx

Sanctions are a necessity in this country, until these zanuoids give account of diamond revenue since 2010, until a rerun of the hamonised elections is held, until all political prisoners are released, until this country is Free from Zanu period. – Zuze Muckraker Zvapera

Targeted Sanctions makes it almost impossible to stabilize the inflation. As long as we ‘re ruled by Mugabe’s regime we request more sanctions & they must be banned from using the US dollars. Mugabe should print his own currency. – Ernest Maseya

Mina ngilombuzo oyi-1. Kanti if Zimbabwe imposes sanctions on USA and Britain will they cry like us yini? …….. I DONT THINK SO! I think we all should quit Sanctioning eachother coz the white Zimbabwean nolonger feel at home becoz of Mugabe, Obama & Cameron’s clash. Lets unite ngoba after 5years the man USA n Britain are sanctioning will retire. – McLan Mussa Mbewe

This is my opinion”before we start talking about sunctions, we pray, we need to be Independent first” As long we are not Independent we can do what ever we need and we will not achieve anything”. Sunctions are the last thing to talk about. Lets free ourselves first then you will get the right result. All Zimbabweans are still scared be honest Zimbabwean am I lying? We are mining, doing Agriculture and so on and even exporting but tel me where is the money going? There is something wrong there! – Godfrey Ngaite Malinga

Watch the collapse with Zim money. Withdrawals of 31/7 a test run. We do not deserve cheap goods we produce nothing do nothing. – Ann Hein

Yes to sanctions . Y coz this regime is daily abusing human rights, zanus relationship with the international community has been soiled by cowards in zanu who wld clap their hands wen their leader is busy shouting at other countries s presidents, again the judicial sestem is one sided, the economy of e nation belongs to a very few who worships e zanu leader. Yes to sanctions. – Oliver Madyiwa

Targeted sanctions must go on guys, they control a lot. Remember that Mugabe and his Zanu pf cronies plundered our economy & stashed the proceeds in foreign investiments, credit to sanctions, those monies & investments were since frozen, when things normalizes they will be channelled back into the Zim economy. Dropping them now is akin to giving Mugabe a jackpot and a new lease of life. Targetted sanctions also assist in tracking down all underhand government dealings and money laundering perpetrated by the Mugabe regime. It will also force Mugabe to invest his loot locally to avoid forfeiture of his investments by the West. After all targeted sanctions are just an interim measures that are put in place to make the affected persons comply with what is required of them. So its solely upon Mugabe to reform in order to stop those sanctions. – Gain Sibanda

Zimbabwe must also impose sunctions on Britain, America and its allies to make it a fair deal. – Talent Zinyohwera

More sanctions please ! – MDC Zim Vapanduki

Why does the sanctions debate have to go one way? If the sanctions are really as effective as ZANU PF wants us to think, how come Mugabe has not imposed sanctions on the British, Americans, Australian, Germany and all the Anglo-Saxon countries including their companies operating in Zimbabwe? Why have they not frozen all foreign owned property and assets? Why continue crying about sanctions when you can impose your own, food for thought. – Donald Mzondo

Its like a baby who remain a baby for so many years. Ask yourself why pple remain in power for so many years but not even one of them asking themselves are we growing guyz? There is problem and the problem can be only answered by our leaders if they are honest. Thank you Zimbabwean. – Godfrey Ngaite Malinga

ZIDERA and George W Tsvangirai. Sanctions or no sanctions we will still survive. President Mugabe shall rule this country kusvikira vafa and someone from Zanu pf will continue kusvikira those who are advocating for them vati zii. Muchapinda mumuforo neZIDERA renyu ririkupamba mari dzevanhu nema companies. Torai zvese even the air that we breath but we will still survive. – Nixon Mtakwa

Before the 2008 elections Zimbabwe’s economy was totally grounded, many people left for developing neighboring countries this was because of the outcome of the targeted sanctions which were imposed not to everyone but to the mugabe regime. This was a strategic plan to enlighten how it was impossible to survive under the rule of zpf .After some time because of the large number of people who became victims of a curable disease “cholera” and high unemployment rates around the country Mr Tsvangirai decided to join the coalition government which as well ended up determining the out come of the previous elections.So l would say the targeted sanctions were specifically implemented to cripple down the economy under Mugabe & his associates , but unfortunately ended up intensifying on innocent citizens. – Ernest Maseya

Why is Zimbabwe not imposing sanctions on Britain and America also. – Ahshywhell Mudadigwa

The only ‘sanctions’ Im concerned abt is corruption, nepotism, incompetence… rest is imaginary. – @afbimha

The fig-leaf must go. It also gives life to the US the pretence of doing something about the Zim situation. – @RickyEMarima

Its either sanctions or the weather never politicians who have actually manufactured our failure. – @vincemusewe

How do you feel about this decision to halt the demolitions?

Only halting demolition is not enough bt he should find ways to regularise or formalise those structures! – Royal Ishemupenyu Mhenyu

What do u want pple to do? who is mor zimba than th other? u gave some 100ha of farming land 4 free unda our noses and yet u can’t plan n sell to us homeless pple only 300m2 of land to put our miserable self @ b serious guys we don’t want trouble. – Washington Zhomwa

Never in this government’s life will they do anything in good will. there is something else up their sleeve because they have to maintain the poverty levels to sway people’s focus on failing politics. they are afraid of an empowered society. – Exaverio Dafa

Universal Childrens Day

We can ALL do our bit! – @MariAnneChiromo

To feel safe and secure and to grow up in a non-violent environment. – Beyond Violence

Try the safety of the drinking water! As a start. – @CraigsAthletes

The legacy of an antiwestern dictator with whom the west has cut a deal & faciitated a rigged election. hypocrisy & tragedy. – @Alexweir1949

Children are most vulnerable to suffer effects of violence, poverty, abuse. – @RebZMano

That the government starts a feeding programme @ all the schools kinda like we got from the Rhodesian govt when I was young for the grade 1’s. – PissyWhiskers All Black

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