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More and more Zimbabweans, both at home and all over the world, are using social media to communicate. The Zimbabwean is committed to helping Zimbabweans everywhere to claim and access their right to give and receive information. So every week we stimulate debate on a number of issues affecting us. These are your responses in this week’s issue:

Antonia Amyot
Antonia Amyot

More MDC defections looming. Do you agree that those who are defecting from MDC-T were never genuine members in the first place – only political opportunists?

Who’s this senior Zpf official talking about Mdc T defections? Just wishful thinking! We know that Zpf is going around waving wads of money to the loose minded likes of Erik knight, telling them to defect. – Gain Sibanda

EXCLUSIVE! Tortured activist on the run as cops fabricate charges . Do you believe the offices were petrol bombed – or that the fire was the result of an accident?

Scapegoat for sure. This is not new to some of us. – Mehleli Ndlovu

This is so sad and unfair, why in this 21st Century and in a “democratic” society should this be happening? When are we going to come to that place of being comfortable to express ourselves without fear of intimidation? – @QueenNosipho

As Zimbos, we need to reclaim our democratic space by voicing our concerns and participating in civic issues – @ActivateZimbabw

This is him for sure – Andrew Sithole

GMO debate continues, despite looming starvation. Should Zimbabwe import GMO foodstuffs?

I am divided on this subject because when facing starvation, we need to feed the masses with whatever is available, however we need to be weary of which of the GMO we are being offered. Waiting for the Gov to make a decision? Well, l think by now they should have done their homework on GMO – @QueenNosipho

Unless farmers strt farming grain n not cash crops I dnt ser hw we cn afford nt to import gmo’s – @RueMuchie

Prison breaks: Majome wants answers. Do you think negligence or corruption was what enabled these jail breaks?

The system is broken, l’m sure if you know someone who knows someone you can get away with murder. [email protected]

Analysis by Jera. Open Floodgates

Jera Afrika has said it all, great thinker. We need more like her/him. My compliments to them. Thanks – @QueenNosipho

If we had laws like that here, every republican would be in a democrat’s jail – Avanza Vaile

Analysis by Jera. Drip, drip, drip

I however salute the ExIm Bank of China. They have recently given Zim $350m to expand power generation In Kariba. We will see 300MW being added to the national grid, at the end of the project. The loan is very concessionary, interest is 2 percent and repayable over 20 years. Just giving credit where it’s due. – Clémence Machadu

All we want is a basic service delivery, water, medication and lights hatina basa nekuti zvafambiswa sei kuti zvivepo – Blessing Makweche

Wow that’s a lot of digs, I’ve noticed they don’t tend to respond to overt criticism in China so well… I wonder how that affects your business deals? It hasn’t done so well for their human rights, and as you’ve noticed they don’t really give a hide about your elephants or rhinos either. – Avanza Vaile

As a young entreprenueer we need economic emancipation, the gvmnt 2 be facilitative ensuring that conditions are put into place to translate our ideas into products and services. – Ndumiso Mhlanga

@clemence machadu> yes I commend China for its gesture, however we shouldn’t be begging for money now bcoz we have our diamonds… the million dollar question is* Where is the diamond money? – Gain Sibanda

You are now even thinking of taxing churches ahh shame, shame, shame – Ahshywhell Mudadigwa

“You rigged elections. Let’s see if you can rig the economy.” – Morgan Tsvangirai. – Trymore Chidziso

What methods should be used for discipline instead of corporal punishment?

Positive reinforcement for one. Consistency. How did you learn to walk? Learn to talk? Learn to read? Did someone smack you every time you fell down? Did someone hit you every time you pronounced a word wrong? That is ridiculous. To associate negative reinforcement with a thing that is not negative turns it into something ill and ugly. It distorts it so that it cannot be the thing it was intended to be, and so the neural pathways that you build become attached to emotions and triggers that are useless and stimulate more violence and abuse out of seemingly nowhere, and you all wonder why? – Avanza Vaile

ID scam warning for Ndebeles in SA. Do you know anyone who has fallen prey to this scam?

Its no scam, Anc wants to boost up its support base as elections are around the corner. This is akin to vote rigging. -Gain Sibanda

tnx 4 letting as aware – Zenzele Sikhundla

Basopani – Lukile Gift M Mokoena

It happened two months ago.It is said that they were using candles to light their offices.My uncle lost 300rand.They left the place before the police arrived.Facebook group pages like Asakhaneni tried to warn people before but they never listened. – Mehleli Ndlovu

Fortunately no. I wonder why they were targeting the Ndebeles though? – @QueenNosipho

Yes i knw my cousin – Ndumiso Mhlanga

MATTERS of the heart – Too many chores. Do you think kids should be made to do chores at home?

Sorry my friend, but you should make sure that your children are not doing the adult’s tasks. Their duties are schooling,eating, playing,sleeping and even enjoying their childhood.house chores are the mature peoples’ task, especially you and your wife – Ntuyehe Francois

Chores are your wife’s job. The childrens job is to be children. Assistance is one thing. Work is another. Everything in moderation. Find a fair/responsible balance. – Antonia Amyot

While training and coaching the kids is commendable, your wife should not overload them with chores. She has to balance between the two, homework and household chores. – Charles Ndlovu

They shld help yes but also give them time to study. – Shadreck Mbiragai

They should but child labour should be avoided….that line has to be drawn in the home and society…. – @tawandachimhini

Of course they should help at home, just a question of balance.. – @Quedsy

Debt cancellation pushes country to new crisis – Matumbike. Do you agree or disagree with the cancellation of ratepayers’ debts by local authorities?

Most of those debts were fictitious and they were never going to be paid. It was just a recipe for confrontation with the people, thumbs up to Chombo who managed to defuse the stalemate. – Gain Sibanda

I’m not highly educated but I’ve been around for for 51years hard time are back for the poorest of the poor. These law makers will never feel it so sad – Dlamini Dick

Never again will i pay my rates when it’s election time. The gvt could give me $3000! – @cchabikwa

‘Toxic’ masculinity needs to change, say churches. What do you think can be done to tackle toxic masculinity?

Thats the way to go #Africa #Youthke [email protected]

The only way, i say. [email protected]

I really really like this! I think this is a very good idea!!!- @chashe

Demolitions will not make for government planning deficiency. Is it not inhuman for the Govt to demolish people’s houses without a concrete clear alternative plan? Why now after elections?

Honestly is that a question, to save face and allow campaign to flow in their favour.thats politics anywhere and everywhere. Gvt has every right to send them packing those illegaly settled, but dont make the focus abt sending them packing, make it abt the solution after they’r sent, because they will be.and most of these people are just reluctant to accept their situations, kungoda zvedhorobha ivo vasingakwani, gvt ressetled a lot of people and still is onto gd spaces of land, some can start afresh there not ku hardhira dhorobha as tho they cant live without city life, rather than fyt a solid system, focus should be on developing in it – Kevin Mkombo

@kevin mkombo.. Town & village has become the same mind u. We have heard of mass evictions of opposition supporters in the villages perpetrated by this Zpf regime. Again take it from me *town and village life is interdependant. – Gain Sibanda

At least someone (who can be heard) is asking all the right questions. The background work begins now. How can we help? Petitions maybe? Today, l am a happy woman because of this article. Thanks The Zimbabwean. – @QueenNosipho

I think RGM warned pple of harare tht they shal suffer….so its nt a big surprise – @RueMuchie

Why is it that our government spends money destroying its own people who vote for them instead of helping and uplifting them? – @ChikavaZivai

1) City councils and local government ministry should stop construction at foundation level. Where were they all along and why did they wait till after election? 2) The displacement of farm workers also has a lot to do with the rural to urban migration. The big (formerly white owned) commercial farms employed and gave accommodation to 1,000-5,000 workers. When the employers (farmers) were evicted, a lot of their workers became destitute. Everything we do affects some seemingly unconnected area of the world. Unplanned farm takeover means closure of farm schools, farm clinics, eviction of workers, deforestation, food shortage, massive rural to urban migration, poor health (they had free clinics on farms) increased pressure on urban sewer systems and water supplies, unemployment, loitering, crime, suicide, divorce, a ballooning housing waiting list, increase in rentals, congestion in towns. Even if you own property, these demolitions will touch your life in one way or another. – Jerà Afrika

Why were some of the houses built on wetlands?it appears to be evil but to stop the corruption in land sales the distruction of illegal structures is just. – Huggla Caprice

Usless Gvt, Whether its resettlement,development or maintaining cleanliness this gvt fails dismally,incompetent and corrupt – Bradley Richards

They couldn’t stop it then bkz they needed the votes, shame, Why now after d election. – Rudo Love

Pwanyai dzese munyanyo pwanyira vakavhotera Zanu pf yacho !kutanga kuzopedza 5years dzimwe tichaona -Anashe Mpax Blacks

Vindictiveness,that which God hates. Let the minister’s operation begin because the first house that falls is representative of the spiritual shelter of the doer collapsing over them,go ahead minister,we shall mourn u. – Ndhalega Hasani Wa Ngwhena

Unfortunately our government does as it pleases. And lately we have seen that Zanu PF has no reasonable friend – that close friend who always takes you aside and says “dude, your zip is open” or snatches the car keys out of your hands and says, “girlfriend you’ve had too much to drink, take a taxi cab.”

Those that we thought had influence on the continent all watch in silence, in the name of not wanting to dictate to another sovereign state. Thankfully nothing lasts forever. My pen is capped. – Jerà Afrika

Shame shame shame zanu pf. Moses Razunguzwa

Lavotela udoti onje vele imisebenzi yabantu ababi inje babonga ngokulimaza abantu. ubamboleka Amaphiko Madlela

Jehova pindirai . ..!!! Loney Deni

there’s room for sympathy in tragedy, never in stupidity. Who in what age builds on a random piece of land without absolute clarity. Chero ukapinda mu territory yemhuka dzokusota. So tho it is a sad situation with nothing to rejoiice over, illegaly settled people desrve whats coming to them. Welcome to civilisation. May God be with you in this phase Kevin Mkombo

Thankless ZANU Jakes Habana

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