What do the people say? 14 November 2013

More and more Zimbabweans, both at home and all over the world, are using social media to communicate. The Zimbabwean is committed to helping Zimbabweans everywhere to claim and access their right to give and receive information. So every week we stimulate debate on a number of issues affecting us. These are your responses in this week’s issue:

Oliver Madyiwa
Oliver Madyiwa

EXCLUSIVE! Poison poaching: new carcasses found. Do you think there is any connection between the increase in poaching and the increase in Chinese miners in the Hwange area?

These Chinese guys are destroyers.. They have destroyed zimbabwe s clothing industry, constraction industry, even the LABOUR ACT HAVE NO MEANING TO THEM. – Oliver Madyiwa

The chinese nationals,are good at looting, we will only realize after every sector of the zimbabwean economy is totally grounded. – John Shamu

They have hidden agenda in their interest for our country.they are the ones behind dealings in rhino poaching.you cant ignore the fact that they are there to destroy not to build. – Mehleli Ndlovu

Nevakuruvakuru? – @ConorMWalsh

l think its because of the trust which they’re given by the so called ruling party zpf. The zpf party opted to implement on the look East policy allowing the”fong Kong” goods in the country, Chinese will do what- ever it takes for them to use that advantage for making money.Remember around southern African countries there’s a crisis of poachers linked to these Zimbabwean loved look East China people.let’s face the reality that zpf’s desperate situation lead to this massacre on our animals. – Ernest Maseya

DEFINITELY! They the reason for all the rhino’s being killed too….they make money from our resources and our animals and leave us with what?

Who else uses cynide beside the Chinese? – Gain Sibanda

NOTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Pissy Whiskers All Black

Mind you joe Bloggs on the street wud not afford that much cyanide to kill so many elephants without help. – @MariaZest1

They are treated like first citizens. – Lovemore Sibanda

“Provinces will decide Mugabe’s fate”: Mutasa. Do you agree with Mutasa that it is the responsibility of us all to stop the power struggles within Zanu (PF)?

Zvinotipei mukurarama izvozvo ndoo basa chete kurwira hukuru nyika ichiwira pasi. Pasi neZanu (PF) naMugabe wayo. – Robson Robie Mutimusakwa

kkkkkkkkkk,,,Mhofela. – Oswald Hungwe

Zvinei nesu, tichisafa. Where are 2 million jobs for youth? – Mutsvakiwa Admore

Ndezve ikoko. – Shadreck Mbiragai

Regai vakafa vavigane rinodaro Gwaro. – Tichona Johnera Johnera

Ko wadii waenda kuchicken inn ikoko wonotaura navo usatinyangadze. – Xburant Chiota Kule

There is not a thing we can do about this as public, they will sort themselves up there. – Blessing Makweche

Xaa, we want ecomic recovery not keep on enriching yoselves. – Wise Mkwena

Takaimisa kare. – Michael Mpofu

Mugabe has already chosen his successor…do you think maiMahofa will drop from the ladder? – Gain Sibanda

MPs spending should mirror reality. Are you happy about our MPs holding a seminar in Vic Falls that will cost taxpayers half a million dollars?

Its very selfish.we know they dont do anything to earn that money but they shld learn 2 live according 2 taxpayers means. – Percy Maramba

Not at all, people must be represented by people who know & understand about our grievances not those who see opportunities of living lavish lives while we suffer. – Mehleli Ndlovu

No lm not. But then again with Zanu at the helm, wat else do you expect..? – Regis Kaledza

They dnt represent pple they represent their political parties. – Shepherd Tasarirowona

And they always talk abt sanctions .. who is destroyin the economy nw. – Praise Jeremy Tunha

Extra vagrant!!!! – Blessing Bhule Muchena

Do you think the Anti Corruption Commission should be disbanded?

What a farce. Of course it should be disbanded if it can’t do it’s job. – Bee Mundy-Castle

Yes it must…… – Regis Kaledza

Why disband it? It was never made to investigate coruption …infect it is saving what it wase meant for…which got nothing to do with stoping coruption but promoting it. – Renias George

The corrupted ones funding the anti corruption commission ….. white and in a bottle !!!! This problem is part of the greater system … this is happening everywhere, u are not alone !!! Coruption supports corruptiom … there is no end to it ! just new sneaky ways to cover corruption …. maybe rename it the Corruption Commission jijiji. – Samm Sammstones

Actually acc has corrupt criminals amongst its ranks thats why they can not challenge corruption. Its not money they lack but the moral highground from where to preach morality. They should be disbanded. – Ndhalega Hasani Wa Ngwhena

Ngaiende ngaiende. disband it. – Sakala Mekani

In that case of tied hands, the body should be disbanded as early as last year. It is in place for mere window dressing, so sad. – Takemore Major Majabule

Since time immemororial several well funded commssion where set up but we didn’t see any results so whats new about this one besides wasting taxpayer’s money. – Rodwell Maoneke

If it is corrupt i see no use for it. – Evans Mulolowa

Might as well. Huwori is rife despite the commision’s existence #useless. – @AfricaSoEquator Twitter

What do you think of the calibre of the new crop of politicians “elected” on July 31?

Surely, Zvobgo’s statement is relevant to our situation!now more than three quarters of the august house are stupid. If u know above this simple definition of stupid, u’ll fully realise its relevance: stupidity is doing the same thing in the same manner which had given akward results but expecting different results. I’m afraid how many things the august things are repeating anticipating handsome fruits. – Stephen Zimuto Chinhuwo

80% of them need Edson to describe them, he was ryt. – Ndhalega Hasani Wa Ngwhena

They are stupid. – Oliver Madyiwa

Same people mentioned by Edison. – Rodwell Maoneke

Churches to comply with proposed tax regime. Do you think churches should pay taxes?

Most of their activities fall under Public Benefit Organisations, however profit making activities sale of material, books etc should be tax deductable & every salaried person should pay tax. If they seek profit then only those activities should be taxed. – Busi Sibanda

We thithe our 10% then hurumende irikuda chegumi kuchegumi chedu saka tinokura sei. Thats interesting. – Alfonse Chizinga

Most church projects are donor funded and meant for charity, it is quite unreasonable for the government to demand tax from such humanitarian institutions. – Gain Sibanda

The question shoud be, ‘would Jesus mind? But building hotels whose usages(prostitution, drugs and drunkenness) the church has no control over ummmm! Just tax us all u like and as for hotels go do it yourselves with our monies but do not involve the church. – Ndhalega Hasani Wa Ngwhena

The zimbabwean paper that tells like it is, I like it for balanced news always,keep it up. – Vengai Rice

The churches pray for the country and the government and all citizens in general, the government should be the one to pay tithe to the churches that will be registered. I think the government’s proposal should work in vicevessa, the other way round. – Benard Eddy Makese

Yes coz they are profiteering which means its business instead of delivering and blessing churches. They shld be taxed like those in gospel music. – Irvine Mupfuri

Is this government failing to generate revenue to such an extent as to take such a satanic move. Churches are already taxed, since they have assisted our communities where government has failed eg. Drilling bore holes, provision of humanitarian aid etc. – Gain Sibanda

Matters of the heart – I’m too dark. Do you think black is beautiful, or should Alice use lightening creams?

Alice, you were created in the image of God. Don’t try to look like someone else. Psalm 139:13-18. – Clémence Machadu

Turn to God for he is our creator & loves us the way we are. ukaenda kubhawa unoona ndiko kune vakadzi vakanakisa pachiso asi hapana kana 1 angambode kuvaroora. Vacho vanonzi vakashata ndivo vatigere navo mudzimba. – Shadreck Mbiragai

This is an issue affecting our society. Children should be taught confidence at home & be validated there not on the streets. – @QueenNosipho

Don’t worry yourself u a as beautiful as those who Lough a. U. – Lovemore Nhau

Black is very beautiful my wife is also black l always call her black is gold. – Smartiey Mukare

Young lady be very careful the devil is stalking you thru your palls.As l write I see nothing but beauty on your face! Just look around, how many ppl you concider ugly but are married? Watchout they want you to despise god, then paint your self like those of the nite. First its color then lipstick then mini skirt.. …. until amagidon. – Tompson Mashoko

Indla muva yinkosi(the one that eat last gets more food) so just persue your dream & they will respect you one day when they realise that beauty means vokol(nothing), men will destroy them & turn them into nothing before they say,”man love us”. – Mehleli Ndlovu

If they make you feel bad they aint your “friends”. but find better company. – Sakala Mekani

My sister change ur ‘’so~called~frends”! the worst. – Phuti Nothando

Zimbabwe on high alert over renamo threat. Are you concerned by instability in Mozambique?

Why are they so concerned as if they know peace, Justice & tranquility .You ZPf stop the silent war you started long back ago intimidating your own people refusing to step down, rigging the elections maybe you’ll be able to intervene into other countries problems. – Ernest Maseya

Dai yatopinda muZim yamhanyisa maZiZanu weh coz Morgan azvitadza. – Tinashe Svinurai

Let them solve their own probems. – Mudavanhu Marume

Why worried about Mozambique affairs? They just want to protect their ill-gotten deals with that FRELIMO party. – Mehleli Ndlovu

We should be, they are our neighbours. – PissyWhiskers

SECRET REPORT – High Court Judge Takalani Raulinga last week granted Zuma’s office leave to appeal, further stretching out the almost five year fight for a document on Zimbabwe’s 2002 elections, to be released. Why is there such a need to keep the contents of the report a secret?

Zuma needs to be FIRED! IDJIOT should worry about his own country and not interfere in others like he tells the rest! Wonder how many diamonds he has lining nkandla’s walls. – PissyWhiskers All Black

Why hide the document? – Gain Sibanda

No wonder his name is Takalani. He’s a puppet & clown let alone being stupid & selfish. – Mehleli Ndlovu

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