What do the people say? 7 Nov 2013

More and more Zimbabweans, both at home and all over the world, are using social media to communicate. The Zimbabwean is committed to helping Zimbabweans everywhere to claim and access their right to give and receive information. So every week we stimulate debate on a number of issues affecting us. These are your responses in this week’s issue:

Clémence Machadu
Clémence Machadu

Disarmament Week – Will an increased military spending contribute to peace and sustainable development in Zimbabwe?

Military spending does no thing to our quality of life and standard of living. We might have a high GDP per capita, but as long as its majoritly constututed by military spending, then its meaningless.- Clémence Machadu

Its a good point stressed but the fact is that economic dvpnt first coz its the source of sponsorship in all govt policies. – Irvine Mupfuri

For disarmament to be 100%, the sources of arms must be mornitored and supervised by trustworth authorities, i mean the firms, who shld acquire them and the final intended use but only in the name of “disarmament” by its definition- Irvine Mupfuri

Disarmament Week – Did you know that the Zimbabwean education budget is nearly three times that of the defence?

Yah, I guess that’s why we have the highest literacy rate in Africa?- Clémence Machadu

That’s quite great! – Calvin Makuyana

Govt is spot on, that’s why we have a terrific literacy rate in Africa, at 92 percent. Investment in education is a worthwhile initiative. Govt is also inspired by the Dakar declaration, which says at least 20 percent of the budget should go towards education.- Clémence Machadu

To me there is no sense on this issue. After finishing school where they go? No jobs at all. Who is in charge of all the money? The root of failing to acheave anything is corruption. You can talk about billions or trillions but with corruption we still going nowhere, which makes the whole debate useless at the end. Thanks Zimbabwean. That what I see and think.- Godfrey Ngaite Malinga

Disarmament Week – Should the government be buying arms at all from the USA or China?

Spending money on arms just keeps war and destruction the status quo ….. Education is the way forward and not the academic school system ….. rather share our own information with each other eg: people with knowlege of irrigation and good farming skills could run free educational projects that can be funded by the money that would otherwise be spent on ARMS …. re-empowering people to have the courage and support to do well Together, we the people can make all the difference :- Samm Sammstones

Whom do you want to kill? If the economy is viable you can manufacture yours. Look at SA the economy is very strong and they do manufacture their arms. Firstly play around manufacturing goods, Road networks, Water,electricity, agriculture then everything wil follow. Guns are like clothes that get renewed by developing new onces. How much did they spent before and those guns are useless now. You can buy matrics of them but whom do you want to fight? Educated pple dont fight. fighting its for idiots.- Godfrey Ngaite Malinga

No – because there is too much chance that the arms will be used against the people, rather than in their defense.- Mary Solorzano

We dnt need arms we need good health, education, housing,and good governance withouth corruption- Evans Mulolowa

Who do they wat 2 kill?.we wat jobs,water,electricity ,gud roads,health nt weapons- Memory Sauti

Definitly not the US….. Wy shud we buy and support them whill they holding sunctions on our head [email protected]

Do you think Zanu (PF) has turned over a new leaf?

Lol…what a cheek !!!-Cindy Winsor Tantum

Muchiti Zanu haizvizive here? They know but they are too arrogant to admit it.Too bad a lot of us are easily fooled by its propaganda.-Regis Kaledza

Common sense from Bimha,this is what leadership is all about,accepting and acknowledging the challenges not blaming travel sanctions- Duran Rapozo

Bimha is an indutrialist, he was in the industry before he became minister. So he is a realist before he wears the Zanu-PF mouthpiece. But i think he was speaking on his behalf, as the Zanu-PF manifesto says it all. I think Zanu-PF will lose its identity by agreeing that sanctions are harmless, even though I believe that somehow they indeed are harmless. Zanu-PF complains that ZiDERA prejudiced us loans from multilateral institutions, forgeting that we had already lost the right to access loans way before ZiDERA was effected. We were already defaulting on our loans and were already not eligible to access loans. Trade between US and Zim has also been rising over the years, so much for the existence of sanctions. So we can’t hide behind the little finger of sanctions. We need to finish that Staff Monitored Program with the IMF, we need their help to clear our $10,7 billion external debt, so that we can get money to jumpstart our economy. We also need investors from the West to come and revive our industries. So Zanu-PF must be willing to sacrifise its identity, swallow its pride, to get the economy working. That is not achieved by saying, ‘’Shame on you,’’ to the West but by saying Shame on you to corrupt people in the country, and to the likes of Cde Chinoz who I recently heard on national radio saying that ‘’vanoda minda ichiripo, kune mabhunu akawanda achiri neland, akaita sana Ian Kay kuMarondera uko.’’ – Clémence Machadu

Is it just me, but l am so frightened to comment on politics in Zimbabwe? – @QueenNosipho

If you still love your family,don’t pass any comment on #zimbabwe politics.- @benjaminkhomba

We live in a global world, we all need each other. A farmer in Kadoma growing lavender need a buyer in France. – @QueenNosipho

Do you think sexual harassment in the workplace is on the increase?/What do you think should happen to those who aid and abet sexual harassment in the workplace?

No, it just never decreased, and people keep trying to blame things like clothes, and girls and biology. How about just blaming people that can’t seem to act right and not say or do things they shouldn’t say or do in places they shouldn’t say or do them? – Avanza Vaile

Its ever there because these girls wear seductive dress man are also human they fall prey desire – Andrew Sithole

EXPOSE EM- Estell Green

kkkkk huku kudya mazai kana ku tsotsonya – Joseph Msipa

aaah harigoni kunyenga zvakanaka here nxaa – Oliver Madyiwa

I believe in whistleblowers, l also having a big mouth. So l would use it. No one should stand for it. Tell a friend- @QueenNosipho

Its always best to report it and leave- @Quedsy

Do you believe Rita Makarau’s excuse that technical hitch is preventing the release of the voters’ roll?

I think her hands are tied, someone else is calling the shots. – @QueenNosipho

The name of Judge Makarau is soiled as a result of this ZEC debacle. The decision is hers – or maybe it isn’t?

Thats why am most surprised to hear zanuists calling ur leadership puppets when ironically they are the ones exercising that on a dailly basis.no one makes a decision without getting a nod frm sambody above,en unfortunately Makarau is 1 of them. – Prosper Sibanda

Green Bomber training to return: Do you believe that it will be different this time?

Would you like your child to go for Green Bomber training ? No way i wouldn’t – Tafa Terence Nyamunokora

Many civic programmes are being politicised and made partisan. Also investigate the National Strategic Studies module being taught to colleges of education. I have heard from a friend, who is a trainee teacher at one college, that they are very partisan and not balanced. If I had a child, I would not want her or him to be exposed to partisan education. I would want her or him to have balanced and objective civic education or training – Clémence Machadu

Leave youth national service program to churches- Gain Sibanda

My children will never attend this nonsense, not when the ministers are sending their children to study abroad. Let the ministers and ZANU PF top brass send their kids there first, let us see if Bona, Robert jr and Chatunga will be the first ones to enrol there. – Donald Mzondo

No to green bomber training. – Calistous Mushingaidzwa

Roll ov the program now. Waiting – Nixon Mtakwa

Now that they have stirred an honerst’s nextdoor at Renamo thru these silly inclusive gvts (in which the other partner is relegated to the terraces), what better and cheaper way to defend the country than using these innocent young souls? ChiBorder Gezi will never churn nation builders because it’s candidates are the scum of society and those who have failed at school so what can we expect from someone who wants to enter the employment system thru sloganeering? – Lloyd Choto

Nothing will be different in Zim i promise u its frm bad to worse – @YvonneMathew

It won’t be any different but how else do they occupy our unemployed youth. The system continues to fail. – @iamTinoMurira

Ratty.. Someone catch that rat !! Oh how it stinks up the place *pinching my nose*- @MariaZest1

Do you think we should have our own currency? What should it be called?

You cannot have a local currency with the week terms of trade that we currently have. It defies logis. Just look at the widening trade deficit, projected at $4 billion this year. Our exchange rate will take us to back to ‘’Black Friday’’ before we know it. Our currency will be wiped off by the week terms of trade and inflation will start to go stratospheric, and the macroeconomic environment will worsen. Any return of the local currency that is not backed by domestic competitiveness is a mere waste of time. Mineral backed currency too is something that is good in theory and cannot happen in practise. For instance, our bank deposits at the moment is $4 billion. If we are to bring a new currency, we’ll have to first get gold worth $4 billion, or a quota of such. Now, where will we get all that go. We are not even exporting gold worth that much per annum anyway. We are harnessing gold amounting to less than 15 tonnes per year, much of it is not ours anyway. So a gold standard is like ‘’feja feja’’ economics. As for the name of the currency, when the right time comes, let’s call it ‘’Zimbos’’ – Clémence Machadu

Firstly we dont know where are we going. This is a very big question mark? May some one inform us where are we going first since the election has already passed. Its a good question but to me its a nightmare. I wil definately give you the answer if I know truelly where we are going first. Zimbabwe right now its a stand still country especially to business minded pple. thank you Zimbabwean. – Godfrey Ngaite Malinga

Forget it!! Zanu has a curse of national poverty. i actually advocate for the change of the country’s name and maybe we start to feed milk to babies! – Exaverio Dafa

If they decide to give our currency a venecular name it surely will be shona 90% – Estell Green

ZANU- Promise Proe D Ngobeni

Oh a return to liquidity crisis and Gonomics. – Honest Chademana

Chimurenga – Mehleli Ndlovu

Lets call it “Mavu”. – Meli Tshuma

It must be called the ‘Gabi’ after our lifelong ruler mugabe!- Mike Matizanadzo

We can call it sunction kkkk- Douglas Gwenzi

If they reintroduce the zimdollar im leaving this country because i know what will happen and i cannot wait to go over another period of suffering again! – Bhaka Mpofu

Firstly are there any macro-economic indicators favourable for currency introduction?- Irvine Mupfuri

For the meantime NO.Bitter memories of th hyperinflationary era are still fresh in our memories.Besides that we are not exporting anything.- Lovemore Jekejeke

Dollar -Phillip Mapuranga

Our currency yes but in 2019, Zanu yaenda and must be called Freedom currency.- Needmore Lords

Baba jukwa.- Forget Topa

Nhamo- Matthew Mutemangamba

A solid economic foundation/capital would need to be established & maintained for it to even be plausible. Proud Zimbo and proud global thinker we have a lot to be proud of, we just have to polish up and be proud now! – @Zim_Thinking

Personally my heart beats at normal pace with the US dollar. Using it doesn’t make us less Zimbabwean- @QueenNosipho

let’s get basic infrastructure/economy/employment at reasonable standards then- @ResurrectZim

Who do you think is really running the country ?

Do most people care tho? Most of us who live in Zimbabwe are actually focused on our own lives ie less politics & more bread & butter daily issues The Zim diaspora spends more time worrying about such issues. Army involved in govt for years. Not news & relevant to many- @SirNige

Nope not really. Daily hustle in zim doesn’t include worrying about army running the country. Hazviunze sadza – @UpenyuMakoni

We care about who runs zim our problem is our leaders shun constitutionalism they dont abide by the rules – @Wekwagatsi

The Army & Police & Mugabe loyalists. Globally armies r traditionally loyal 2 their president – @CdeMarcKatsaura

The Army & Police & Mugabe loyalists – @ZimbabweFAQ

The army generals l think. Not sure though. – @QueenNosipho

Chiwenga and his cronies of course – Regis Kaledza

Kkkkkk,they only speak out in funerals no wonder they get castigated by their former Zapu members.thanks the zimbabwean i read the full story kkkkk,lol. – Mehleli Ndlovu

The Harare City Council will soon conduct an audit of illegal structures built on un serviced land without permission – and massive demolitions could follow. Do you think illegal structures should be demolished?

The first illigal structure to be build should have been the first to be demolished before more were built or the very first time they were build should have been demolished – Benard Eddy Makese

Why after elections,they are illegal now but before elections they were legal – Ahshywhell Mudadigwa

Not a chance. Find a way to accomodate the people properly, and they won’t need to build illegally! – Simon-Paul Ridgeway

They must be demolished because we cannot have a rural setup in the capital.- Mudavanhu Marume

People build illegally to be close to where the money is being made ! In hope that they can get work and eventually get a better home to live in. The problem with these types of developments are disease due to poor sanitation as well as many other social problems. The answer is to develop an area that is a decent enviroment for people to live with dignity …. This does not have to be costly!!! Why not use some of the new green sustainable project ideas – Samm Sammstones

Yes why not we dont want imikhukhu in Zim’s beautiful towns. that can happen in the rural areas not in town. Our country might be “poor” but such structures neverrrrr!! – Estell Green

If they are illegal,why not? – Brighton Majoni

Somebody thinks abt the beauty of the city without thinking about the walfare of the people! ! Thats totally evil,!! What is Harare minus people? Whose best interest are we majoring here,? Have we forgetten the interest of our people? City fathers want to victimise the people for their failure to provide the people with accomodation!! Backlog of over 4million people who ar still waiting to get a piece of land to build a hse!!! – Royal Ishemupenyu Mhenyu

City council should come up with a list of areas they intend to demolish! And it must be given to those would be affected ,so that they get prepared to vacate in time! Ther should be a time frame for all this! Remember some of these people have kids going to school. So it needs time to transfer their kids! After saying this i think its a big blunder by city council, to wait for people to invest their hard earned cash on thse ‘illegal’ resdential areas only to come for demolishing when the structures ar built!! Bt i believe this time the City council must be ready for a ‘war’ with the poor people! Never underestimate or take advantage of the poor people!! There will be a massive resistant from people! I think murambatsvina will be different from this! ADVICE TO CITY Council! Insteady of razing down the structures, they should take over the structure from the cooperatives, and make audit to find out who owns what~ one man one hse! Then they should with immediate effect service these areas ie put sewage system,water and roads etc! And start to benefit from the revenues. Second muratsvina will be recipe of untold suffering for the already poor people! I think someone at town house quickly take off this evil jacket ~the desire to destroy what other people sweaty for without giving them alternative accomodation! Kana usingadi mwana shandisa kudzivira kwete kumirira kuti azvarwe hozomuuraya! Huroyi chaihwo ihwoyo! – Royal Ishemupenyu Mhenyu

It saves home owners money, it saves city council money and administrative inconvenience to STOP the construction process while still at foundation level. But they wait until roofs and gates are in place. Its costs money to get bulldozers in places and to transport the rubble after demolition. It also creates a new eye-sore. Why did council not put a stop to construction the moment building began? Get your copy of The Zimbabwean. My pen is capped. – Jerà

Only if alternative accommodation is found- Rosalind Holmes Taylor

Yes proper procedures must be followed from Rememberance to prospecting home owners.First corruption in the housing department must be dealt with the corrupt officials are the root causers. – Golden Rabson

If illegal they must be demolished. Thats first step to root out corruption. Some people will never learn. – Rodwell Maoneke

Harare City Council and the new deputy mayor are both toothless on this issue. Demolition order will have to come from someone else not this kid Muzuva. Place your bet – Nixon Mtakwa

Why are they seeing this problem only now??? 2. Give these poor people an alternative place than throwing them off without- @QueenNosipho

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