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The Zimbabwean spoke to a range of people about the new cabinet and about their hopes for post-election changes in the country. Here we share a few of their less-than-optimistic responses.

Christine Nkulu
Christine Nkulu

“The cabinet is comprised of the same old faces and among these people, we have some ministers who in the past have been accused of corrupt activities. That takes away hope that they will push for the people’s agenda rather than self aggrandisement.” – Richard Bvirindi

“We don’t think we can expect much from this new cabinet especially on issues to do with women affairs given the fact that there are only three females yet the government is saying it is committed to fighting for the rights of women.” – Christine Nkulu

“The people in this cabinet are the same ones who implemented policies that proved disastrous to the economy. The appointments of most of them were merely to reward them for their loyalty with little being done to consider their competencies.” – Paul Majarira

“We have not seen anything that gives us hope things will change. Instead we have seen companies closing down and others retrenching their workers. That definitely points to a gloomy future and I do not think the new cabinet will be up to the task.” – Abigail Rambanepasi

“I would say the Government of National Unity was much better because so far the current cabinet has just shown us that they do not have the ability to move this country forward. They are even failing to come up with a national budget, so what else can we expect from them?” – Albert Chidakwa

“I would describe the cabinet as a total disaster especially when you look at the calibre of the ministers. Since they came in, they have failed to inspire confidence locally and internationally so that failure leaves us doubting their capabilities.” – Denford Ngadziore

“So far, we haven’t seen any indication that things will be better. We do not have confidence with this cabinet because there are no meaningful changes that have been made and the people who were retained are the ones who saw the destruction of our economy. We were expecting a better future but our hopes are fast fading away.” – Knowledge Tsuriya

“We had hopes that the cabinet would work towards uplifting women but we can’t expect anything when there are only three women in the cabinet.” – Mashiri Phiri

“When we try to earn a living through vending, we are being arrested. I do not see this cabinet coming up with policies that will create jobs or raise the standards of living because the people in there do not have citizens’ welfare at heart.” – Tendai Mahachi

“As a student, I have no hope at all that the ministers in this cabinet will do anything to improve our welfare. It gives the impression that we will continue with the same old policies that did little to improve our lives.” – Nyasha Chikoho

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