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Dear Aunty Lisa

I’m a 13-year-old Form One student and I think I’m having feelings for this cute boy in my class. Is it okay for me to have a boyfriend at my age? The boy likes me too but I’m not sure if it is acceptable for me to have a boyfriend at my age. I think I’m falling in love for the first time and each time I imagine myself seeing him I feel so happy. The feeling is just nice; I’m always feeling so happy when he is around. But I am embarrassed that others are now even noticing the way we look at each other. What do you advise? – Stella

Dear Stella

There is nothing wrong with feeling the way you do for this boy. It is normal and I’m happy for you that you are experiencing how lovely and magical the feeling of love is. But you are quite young to be experiencing this. Why not be best friends and studying partners for now? I do not advise you to be involved with your boyfriend any more than this at this stage. Most importantly it is very important for your future health and happiness that you are not sexually active until you are 18 at least.

Love is so sweet but can turn to be the most dangerous thing to our hearts when it dies or faces certain challenges. It is important that you manage to balance between your studies and your relationship at this stage. Dating a boy from the same class can be so nice when things are okay between both of you. It is true that you will get motivated, feel happy and have every reason to be excited to start another day at school. But it can be vice versa when the relationship faces problems. You need to control your feelings for each other that you do not attract the attention of others. The attention from others may affect you in a bad way. – Aunty Lisa

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