Youths must fight for democracy, justice

Young people must remain resolute until there is democracy, justice and peace in the country, says the founding director of the Zimbabwe Institute of Young Women Development, Glanis Changachirere.

Glanis Changachirere: Sickened by poverty in a country of plenty.
Glanis Changachirere: Sickened by poverty in a country of plenty.

“The fight against bad governance and defective systems means challenging other people’s power, hence the high risks which are however worth taking,” she told The Zimbabwean in a recent interview.

Changachirere (30), who founded the organisation to champion the cause of women, said youths had the power to determine their destiny and that of fellow citizens.

Her organisation would continue to work hard until women attained their full status, with equal opportunities and the benefits of a full democratic space, she said. “I have the energy and determination to deliver democracy, as I am sickened by the continued marginalisation of some sections of society, who wallow in poverty in a country of plenty,” she said.

“I know it’s not safe to champion the struggle for democracy here, but at the end of the day someone has to do it.”

IYWD works towards promoting sustainable livelihoods among marginalised young women and helps them to have access to resources, rights, education, opportunities among other requirements.

A victim of marginalisation at childhood, Changachirere said she turned activist after realising that the gap between the poor and the rich was widening daily. Her arrest for demonstrating against non-provision of university fees by government and protesting against bad national governance was the last straw which broke Changachirere’s patience with the system, she said.

Born in Chiweshe in 1983,she is a former student of Gweshe, Kanyemba and Mufakose schools. She graduated with a Bachelor of Business Studies at Bindura University in 2008.

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