ZERA orders compulsory petrol blending

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulating Authority (ZERA) has ordered fuel dealers to ensure that they blend petrol with ethanol or risk their licences being revoked.

Gloria Magombo
Gloria Magombo

The move comes as the government battles to keep the Chisumbanje ethanol plant in business. Some players in the motor trade said they were reluctant to blend petrol with ethanol before they knew the effects on their vehicles.

However, ZERA chief executive officer Gloria Magombo said all fuel stations had to comply with the directive, warning those resisting the new policy that they risked losing their business licences.

“We are giving those in the fuel industry just a week to comply and all fuel pumps should be clearly labelled to ensure that motorists are aware of the product,” said Magombo.

“The public can report to ZERA all those who defy the directive.”

Some motorists have argued that they should be allowed to choose the type of fuel they use in their vehicles.

“People should not be forced to buy blended fuel but instead it should just be on the market and one should be allowed to choose,” said an angry motorist.

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