Best of the Best : Stephen Muzhingi

Former Sportsperson of the Year, Stephen Muzhingi is one of the country’s most prominent long distance runners. He has made the biggest impression at the Comrades Marathon, the world’s largest and oldest ultramarathon races. The “King of the Comrades” is only the second man to win the race three times successively (between 2009 and 2011). Here, he shares his Best of the Best.

Former Sportsperson of the Year, Stephen Muzhingi.
Former Sportsperson of the Year, Stephen Muzhingi.

Best athletics memory

I have good memories of the 2009 Comrades Marathon when I beat a field including record-holder Leonid Shvetsov. I also ran my best time in that race as crossed the line in 5hrs 23 min 27sec.

Best event participated in

It is the 2012 edition of the Two Oceans Marathon held in Cape Town. I finished first to beat a host of Kenyans and fellow Zimbabweans vying for the title. I finished in 3hrs 8 min to become the first man since Derek Preiss in 1974 to hold the Comrades and Two Oceans titles at the same time.

Best Zimbabwean athlete

The long distance runner, Marco Mambo. He has won the Two Oceans Marathon twice, which is more than any other local athlete. He has also performed well in the Comrades Marathon as well where he has finished as high as fourth.

Best Comrades Marathon athlete

The best sports person in that regard has to be Vladimir Kotov, the Belarus-born South African long distance runner popular for winning the Comrades Marathon three times (2000, 2002, 2004). He won the competition at an old age (46 in 2004). I remember watching on television when he won in 2004 and that motivated me.

Best venue

New York in the United States where I participated at that city’s marathon in 2011. Nonetheless, I crossed the finish line in Central Park in 33rd with a time of 2:29:11.

Best Zim sportsperson

The footballer, Peter Ndlovu to me is the best. Locally, I remember he scooped the Soccer Star of the Year more than once.

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