CHRA commemorates anti-corruption day

The Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) would like to join Transparency International [Zimbabwe] and the rest of the world in celebrating the anti-corruption day in the letter and spirit of fighting against endemic corruption which has deepened its roots in our beloved country Zimbabwe.

We borrow from one of the greatest minds in history, Ayn Rand who said “Power-lust is the weed that grows only in the vacant lots of an abandoned mind” in view of the worrying corruption statistics on Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe recorded a score of 21 out of a possible 100 on the corruption perception index. The C.P.I measures the levels of public sector corruption in a country and Zimbabwe has been ranked 157 out of 177 countries which is a clear indicator of the echelon of corruption in our beloved country.

The issue of corruption has not only been confined to central government alone but has been rampant at local level. Local authorities have exhibited acts of corruption in the allocation of land. Not only has this affected the poor urban citizenry in accessing land but has aided a few individuals, to primitively accumulate land in our towns and cities which then raises concerns around the whole land question. This has transformed into the blatant destruction of wetlands for projects that do not have any direct national or community benefit in turn. An example is the destruction of the wetland in Belvedere next to the National Sports stadium. To date we have not seen the Environmental Impact Assessment report and we still maintain that the allocation of that land and its construction was not done above board.

As the representative residents of Harare we would like to remind those implicated in the land audit report done by the City of Harare in 2010. We also understand that there was a second audit done during the Masunda era and up to now we are still shocked that there hasn’t been any report made public on the second findings. We believe such acts of corruption are ruining efforts made by the City Fathers in improving service delivery and this will directly impact on the development agenda for Harare City Council.

CHRA would like to implore the anti-corruption commission to continue fighting corruption in the manner it did this year. We would like the commission to know that we are watching as they are being preyed on by unscrupulous top government officials who are bent on protecting the corrupt deeds they engaged in, much to the detriment of our Zimbabwean economy. Government should ensure that fighting corruption both at central and local government level remains top on its priority list in order to fully address the socio-economic issues they are faced with. In turn residents must augment government efforts in resisting to fund corruption for it only starts with the individual before we castigate the institution. Stern measures and laws must be in place to ensure that corrupt individuals who benefit on behalf of the nation face the music.

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