Flowers bring smiles to rural women

A non-governmental organisation, Hope Foundation Trust, has brought hope to a group of women in Vumba with a flower project aimed at improving their livelihoods.

Kumboyedza Flower Club’s flowers on sale in Mutare.
Kumboyedza Flower Club’s flowers on sale in Mutare.

The trust has engaged 20 women from Vumba in the flower-growing business, and the group, Kumboyedza Flowers Club, is headed by Viola Musiiwa.

“We want to thank the organisation for this project. It has turned to be an income-generating project where we are getting some income to sustain ourselves. I have to admit that our lives have been transformed,” said Musiiwa.

“We have been doing very well on this project and we are selling flowers to various organisations and individuals both locally and internationally. The project has been a turning point in our lives and we are looking forward to continuing to work hand-in-hand with HTF,” she said.

International customers include South Africa, Kenya and Botswana, as well as the UK, USA and China. The women share the proceeds equally among themselves.

In high demand from the UK and USA are flowers such as gladioli, roses and sedum. Marigold and petunias are more popular in African countries.

“We received training on the growing of flowers from HTF,” said Musiiwa, who said good compost was the secret to successful growing.

“Compost adds nutrients to the soil, manages its moisture content, prevents plant diseases, and keeps the earthworms and other beneficial soil creatures active,” she said.

Yeukai Mutevedzi, the HFT field officer for Mutare said the trust aimed to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger by ensuring environmental sustainability, They shared knowledge with communities about how to carry out self-sustaining and income-generating projects.

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