Lonely ex-drunk

Dear Aunty

I’m a 30-year-old man who has been lonely for a year now after a separation with my wife last year. I abused my wife and pushed her away until she gave up on me. I listened to friends during beer-hall talk on how women should be treated. I was a drunkard and now realize that people in the bar say what they don’t practice just to destroy and experiment with other people’s marriages.

After stopping my drinking habits I have finally come to my senses and reflected on all that was going on. I was so wrong and I want to make right everything I made wrong. I’m afraid my wife may be deciding for a divorce now, she no longer picks my calls and sometimes she says that she will never forgive me when we talk. I really want our marriage to work again. Is there still hope? – Peter

Dear Peter

Why should you doubt something you believe in? I can certainly not guarantee that you still stand a chance, especially when you are making no efforts to convince your wife that you have changed. But I’m sure every woman who married for love will always wish to make her marriage work whenever it hits the rocks. For your wife I believe it is something worth smiling and dropping a tear of happiness to know that her husband who she knew to be abusive is willing to repent from his wrong doing and work together in rebuilding your shaky relationship. But she can only curse you and tell you that she will never forgive you since you are not doing much to convince her that you are a changed person. If you love your wife and need her back like you say, you need to work on convincing her that you have changed and you are ready to love her and treat her with respect. It takes a real man to regret and admit that you made a mistake and I respect you for that. But whether you win her back or not you need to teach yourself to respect women enough not to abuse them. Being abused by the man she loves is any woman’s worst nightmare

You need to apologise to your wife and those close to her. If you can at least convince them that you have changed they will also help you explain to your wife that you are truly willing to make your marriage work. Wish you all the best. – Aunty Lisa

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