No mechanical fault behind Mozambican Embraer crash

Evidence from the preliminary investigation into the crash, on 29 November, of a Mozambique Airlines (LAM) Embraer-190 in northern Namibia suggests that it was not caused by any mechanical malfunction of the aircraft, according to Joao de Abreu, the chairperson of the regulatory body, the Mozambique Civil Aviation Institute (IACM).

Speaking at a Maputo press conference on Saturday, Abreu said that the flight data and the cabin voice recorders (the “black boxes”) survived the crash, and the initial data recovered from them did not indicate any mechanical failings.

“The investigations are under way”, said Abreu, “and may be concluded even before the 30 days recommended by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation)”.

The investigation is chaired by Namibia, as the country where the accident occurred. Abreu said that the Namibian authorities will do all in their power to ensure that the ICAO’s recommendations on investigating aviation accidents will be strictly observed.

Mozambican Transport Minister Gabriel Muthisse is due to visit Namibia on Sunday, where he will meet with the Namibian civil aviation authorities, who will brief him on all the work that has been done since the day of the crash.

Three days of national mourning for the 33 people who died in the crash, decreed by the Mozambican government, will begin on Monday. The mourning period will end with a religious service at a central Maputo sports stadium on Wednesday.

The bodies of the victims are still in a morgue in Windhoek, while experts in DNA analysis undertake the long and complex task of identification.

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