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More and more Zimbabweans, both at home and all over the world, are using social media to communicate. The Zimbabwean is committed to helping Zimbabweans everywhere to claim and access their right to give and receive information. So every week we stimulate debate on a number of issues affecting us. These are your responses in this week’s issue:

Should govt continue to give free inputs to “new” farmers?

Recipe for disaster, at least let them subsidise the sale. Having said that, my Kulu in Gokwe never gets any free fertiliser- @QueenNosipho

No must b on their own & save money 4 own inputs. We must purge this entitlement culture and abuse by ZPF. – @vincemusewe

Definitely, thats the way to go! This is a pro-poor approach!! – @Mitre20

Aaa clemence am sure the land reform started a decade ago so why would we keep refering to these resettled farmers as new farmers .they must stand on their own now .- Luckson Mashumba

No. Farming unless its subsistence is a business that shld start standing on its own.- @teldah

They were suppose to have been given for the first two years. after that munhu ari productive should be able to cater for himself/herself without assistance from Government.- Sakala Mekani

I have been always against this it encourages the dependancy syndrome. Stop it.- Gift Sidume Moyo

Free inputs was a cover up by ZANU(PF) to make land reform sound a success to the world.It has failed and the scheme is unsustainable when the world is cutting on social spending.Farming is big business which cannot be treated with such an approach. – Bee Tee

Zanufied inputs as usual.- Mehleli Ndlovu

I support govt position that starting from next year they will be supporting inputs manufacturers, instead of farmers. Look at how Wattle company is failing to provide the fertiliser required, because they are operating way below capacity. The same is affecting ZFC and Windmill. They are facing operational challenges and its either they cant supply the adequate inputs or they can supply at a very high cost. Now, if the money was extended to manufacturers on inputs, they would be able to increase capacity, optimize operations and competitiveness. This will see prices of inputs falling down and farmers would be able to access them everywhere at prices affordble to them, on a free market basis, that is blind to corruption. Often times, inputs schemes are abused, with the inpuys being sold at market prices. So the government’s decision is a smart one – Clémence Machadu

Thats zanupf for u, what can we say .they become sweeter during elections en change suddenly when they even steal the elections.am nt surprised @ all.u cn fool anybody bt okusalayo its nt as eating pap en vleis to rule the the country. – Prosper Sibanda

Kune vanhu vanofanigwa kubetsegwa hongu kwete munhu weseba – Brighton Majoni

Brighton Majoni
Brighton Majoni

To give seeds to grow can represent something good u still have to plant and nurture and grow …. fertiliser helps make the ground the right enviroment for growth and helps the crop to develop !!! learn to look at things with a different light: – Samm Sammstones

No kuvajaidza ikozvino vanhu havachagoni kutenga vega mbeu nyangwe vaine mari nepamusana pekuda zvemahara. Vanofanira kutsvaga nekupa only those who are genuinely in need. – Shadreck Mbiragai

Chero zvavaita, bt traditional leaders and top gvt officials nikuv the farmers of the inputs – Archbold Musamadya

Why do you think Chinamasa has delayed the budget presentation?

Bbcz nw he knws wht Biti meant wen he sd nthn is cmn to Treasury..u cnt budget wth th air – @RueMuchie

Appears coffers are empty, difficult to set a budget on that backdrop – @ResurrectZim

You can’t budget with no predictable revenue base. Economics 101. – @vincemusewe

His begging bowl came empty? But i’m not surprised. – Mehleli Ndlovu

The man is desperate. His budgeted expenditure has shot the roof, in the face of subduing revenue inflows, leaving a huge budget deficit. So that deficit wud be passed over to the next fiscal year, and will eat up a significant amount. Chinamasa cant therefore cant come with a bigger budget than that of 2013, next year. Yet Zim-Asset has ambitiously projected next year to grow by 6,1 percent. He is also under pressure to deliver of Zanu’s salary increase promises. – Clémence Machadu

Vainyepa vachiti nguva yekubata chokwadi haisviki? Once a liar,always a liar – Brighton Majoni

Running a country its not joke. You need money. You can not do budget without money. Money is budget vice vesa budget is money. You need creditors or surplus in your pocket to do budget. I dont know why pple need stress at that age. When the hard goes clever guyz quit or leave the job that is Japan government. In Japan the head of state find the difficult, he resign there and there. Zimbabwean is not for one MAN. If one man has got enermies give the one with no enemies so every one including u enjoys also – Godfrey Ngaite Malinga

wat would u expect??? – Philani Ignatius Sojila

Do you think our diamonds should be classified as “blood diamonds”?

They are beneficial to certain individuals that’s why there are called “bloody.” Shld be for the economy. – @hikavaPrince

If diamonds were serving the right purpose, u wldn’t be asking that question. Lol. [email protected]

Without any transparency they will continue to be labelled as such. Kimberley Agreement cleanses the blood off them because of their value, pity. – @QueenNosipho


It all depends on how you define Blood Diamonds, they most certainly are from a conflict zone. – @BaobabAccord

Are any diamonds not blood diamonds? Point me to any that didn’t start as blood diamonds. Ours are now clean. – @write_africa

Do you even need to ask whether they are blood diamonds in this day and age? – @t4t3nd4

They are not blood diamonds. They r also not conflict free. Need to improve monitoring and trading may help with that. – @gilbert_makore

Do you think the commissioners should receive $900 a day?

No no no no no. – @QueenNosipho

Transport minister, Obert Mpofu, is threatening to introduce urban tolling. Motorists struggle to renew vehicle licenses and in Harare, some have resorted to parking their cars on the periphery of the CBD just to avoid paying the hourly parking fee of $1. It therefore follows that motorists cannot afford to pay these proposed tolls. In past years, roads were maintained by funds collected through normal taxation. Suddenly Zanu (PF) wants motorists to fork out extra money to maintain roads that they allowed to crumble.’ Jera.

Why always milking pple without jobs, are u not embarassed? All industries are closed and you are busy tollgates. Is it creating employments. Once upon a time Hitler and Mussoline started by building Super Highway then last by collection. You need to collect tollgates on roads made by Smith. Shame on you. – Godfrey Ngaite Malinga

what are the doing with money they are collecting from Beit bridge tolls. ari kuda fund raising this greedy politician – Blaz John

Was used stealing in gold mines, is now looking somewhere to steal – Wellington Tinaye Matutu

Desperate times call for desperate measures kkkkkkkk. – Clemence Risenga Mavasa

Bad idea, just another way of siphoning money. – Donald Mzondo

He looted the diamond revenue. Is this another attempt to create lootable funds in his new ministry?- Gabriel Gidi

He should not think if he was stealing diamonds, everyone was doing the same. We don’t have money to pay. – Nicky Everson

Do you think street vendors should be taxed? City council is abusing vendors. Not acceptable. They are implementing colonial laws. Am livid. – @vincemusewe

they should leave the vendors alone unles they (city council) will provide jobs for them wich i’m sure they wont, those same vendors are stil the ones whose home are being destroyed, what wil they servive on. Its sad – Blessing Makweche

Why do you spoil such a brilliant piece by asking a question you have already answered? The focus should be on developing legal entities that greate a tax base to fund development! – Reginald Mudunge

no bcoz their income is below taxable income. – Shadreck Mbiragai

kkkk, They want to finish the poor people instead of finishing poverty! – Lovemore K Manyengawana

Hell no, nyika yatadza kupedza urombo zano ravo rasara kuchitopedza varombo vacho – Collen Matsilele

It seems the so called government is running out of ideas. citizens beware coz the path they hv taken it seems they will start charging everybody to pay rent.thats zanu pf for u,enjoy. – Prosper Sibanda

there will be more thieves now…. – Lovemore K Manyengawana

Do you think Tomana is a good choice for the position of prosecutor general?

Aluta continua…… – Mehleli Ndlovu

Clearly not!!!! – Michael Dougans

It depends on which party one supports – Nixon Mtakwa

I dont think there is anyone Zimbabwean whom we might describe as apolitical, all the same i believe there still is a Zimbabwean somewhere who acts above party politics. If that person can be found for the job the better. – Lovemore Sibanda

What do you think Zanu (PF) should do to tackle corruption?

Zanu pf is a symbol of corruption. We are on our own. – @nqobani_nyathi

You expecting ZanuPf to tackle themselves? – @Esquirec_

honestly wat can one do now that they haven’t already done in 33 yrs now going on 34…. given the cact that its a self inflicted wound and that within the forst 100 days greediness was exposed when they chose to float a tender of $16million for non fuel efficient cars , spending $6mil on a workshop seminar in Vic Falls to name but a few…. in my whole existence I am still to see a company that pays you first before you have even worked a single day or closed a single contract….. i would have thought that if we were at heart to them that they would first effect the turn around plan and prove that they are not greedy and are willing to put the country back on its feet….. I stand to be corrected if any of my comments are wrong, though I don’t see ……. – George Tendai Sande

The problem is also rooted in the #zim police, judiciary they is also need to cleanse these – @zimlandrights

They have to keep talking then corruption wil be tuckled. – Godfrey Ngaite Malinga

Are you asking the defendant to make the arrest? – @shuttonyams

Giving the #Zim Anti-Corruption Commission teeth will be a starting point – @Roadwinc

They see ownership of land as an exercise of power whereas it should be productivity related.We dont eat power,greed and corruption.The diamonds fully expose these attributes and dog eat dog will take its toll at the expense of the masses.l dont see repentance from these ‘statesman’.l wonder if there will be any that can rise and truly say l’m serving my country?? – Allan Ba Anashe Mutumhe

The diamond mining companies should publish audited financial statements twice per year. We don’t want the deliberate secrecy to continue, as it has created fertile ground for corruption. – Clémence Machadu

They must go……all of them including Zanu itself. Bhora mugedhi, 2.265million jobs, a document full of rhetoric and cheap politicking, void of substance and bankrupt of ideas. – Donald Mzondo

Do you think our petrol should be blended with ethanol?

Zimbabwe must do away with command economy. Ethanol is not good for the majority of Zim vehicles. – Gain Sibanda

Is unemployment to blame for the rise in crime in Zimbabwe?

NO, not that much, coz robberies hav been happening bfo unemployment increased. Its happening evrwhere even in countries with low unemployment like SA – Irvine Mupfuri

I believe to be one of the many contributing factor to this high crime rate

No and yes. But in this case I suppose its got no limits, employment without gains, may lead to the commissn of a crime or of an offence. – Jacob Chifire

Yes its true – Felix Chikwariro

nope crime s not only committed by the unemployed – Launcelot Ncube

Unemployment encourages more theft & robberies.most people,especially youth get involved in crime of this nature inorder to sustain extra income.when unemployment rises,crime rises as well. – Mehleli Ndlovu

No its not unemployment, its lack of self respect and satanic mind. I have seen even the employed commiting such crimes. Its jus greedness – Mandlenkosi Tshuma

What do you think should be done about piracy in the music industry?

Very difficult question. What are the musicians saying? – @ProudZimboz

“Piracy” in the music and film industries is not intentional as it is a result of technological advancement. Gone are the days when it was impossible to cheaply reproduce vinyl records. In these days of blue tooth technology, digital copying e.t.c. how can you upload music and films onto hi-tech gadgets with tetra bytes of memory without “pirating” the material. Musicians and other artistes must find ways of getting rewards for their works other than through direct selling. Technological advancement has been known to have adverse effects on the status quo. The electronic media, for instance, is seriously threatening the print media. However, through innovation, the print media is still in demand and is surviving. So artistes should stop moaning and take a leaf from other “affected” industries to improve their survival strategies. They can’t stop the time. Technological advancement is here to stay and is getting better each passing day – Paddington Mutengwa

Should Cassandra date her unhappily married boss?

follow your heart – Nobert Madzongwe

Hero shoko mudikani ‘’The lips of an adultress woman/man drips hone but in the end her/his road leads to the grave’’ – Tinei Hozheri

Your the source of their problems lady – Kanye North WeMdc

go ahead n date him but wen he does that to yu don’t cry fowl,that man is a fox,its up to yu to b caught up in his jaws – Rupondo Audrey S

Why don’t you suspect yourself as the one troubling that family hey? – Finish Zimbizi

No stay away, it will only lead to trouble!

You are the cause of his marital problems. – Donald Mzondo

Thats infatuation. God wil give you one to call your own. Not someone else’s husband.Whatever you are doing in life you are seeding and for sure you will harvest what you sow. Falling for someone’s husband is a bad seed to sow so plse don’t because you will harvest zvakuitika kwauri. – David Chikwanda

Is always good to follow your heart and do what it tells you – Busisani Sibanda

Stay away from this man. – Meli Tshuma

Cassandra u are heading 4 disaster. Even God is nt part it. Don’t be fooled by lust, its not love. – Clifford Ndlovu

whats comes around goes around – Simba Masarirambi

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