Zanu (PF) poll demos spread

Demonstrations by disgruntled Zanu (PF) supporters has spilled into rural areas in Masvingo with thousands of them gathering at different service centres to protesting against the results of the provincial elections held last weekend.

The demonstrations started at Gutu Mpandwana growth point on Tuesday and have since spread to other rural parts of Bikita and Zaka.

In Gutu scores, Zanu Pf supporters today gathered at Maungwa business centre in Gutu south constituency where business came to a standstill as war veterans and party youths temporarily blocked the Masvingo -Gutu highway and threatened to beat anyone who would want to disrupt the demonstration.

"We are simply sending a message to the party that the elections were not free and fair ", said a spokesman for the Gutu demonstrators, Tobias Togarepi.

"We want a rerun and we want police officers not to be anywhere near our polling stations ",he added.

In Bikita party supporters lined up along the Masvingo- Mutare highway chanting slogans and denouncing the newly elected party provincial chairman retired brigadier general Callisto Gwanetsa.

The placard waving party supporters also accused the party's team leader during the polls in Masvingo, Nicholas Goche, of taking sides.

"We just want a re-run of the polls and this is a clear message we are sending to our leaders," said a party supporter who refused to be named.

"Gwanetsa should just step down because we did not vote for him", she said. "We want a new team leader because Goche was biased," she added.

No official comment could be obtained from Goche at the time of going to press.

In Zaka party supporters gathered at Gumbo business centre while others gathered at Jerera growth point. The Zanu (PF) supporters sang revolutionary songs while others were holding sticks in their hands performing drills as if they were in the battlefield.

Party spokesman Rugare Gumbo said the demonstrations were just a waste of time since the politburo was yet to make a decision on the polls.

"Right now I am going into a meeting and those demonstrating are just wasting time because it is the politburo that will make a determination on the disputed polls.

Losing Masvingo candidate, Ailess Baloyi, has refused to accept the results arguing that the elections were rigged.

He said there was no voters’ roll at most polling centres adding that police officers deployed at different polling stations chased away potential voters.

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