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Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a girl aged 19, I have a boyfriend of 22 but my parents forbid me to love that guy because he is not educated. He loves me and I love him. I feel like killing myself because of the pressure my parents are putting on me to leave him. – Troubled Teen

Dear Troubled Teen

I know how unfair it seems to you for your parents to disapprove of the man you love and order that you leave him. They may not have that right to rule or control your life – but you need to know that they are doing what they are doing because they care a lot about you.

As much as we all believe that all that matters is love, it is just inevitable in this day and age to take notice of our partners’ financial or educational background. Your parents want the best for you and they are worried at what you might have to suffer if you are serious about somebody who they think will not be able to provide for you. And certainly it is a huge challenge to sustain a financially unstable relationship.

I am not discouraging you from following your heart. My point is, as much as you need to be able to stand up on your own as one educated woman you also need an educated man to inspire you and urge you on. Why not encourage your man to do something about his education – not to please your parents but for his own future.

Killing yourself for that matter will be silly. It means in life you will not accept criticism from people around you. You don’t have to take criticism as a barrier but as a challenge. We need not throw away or block people who criticize us, they are there to shape our future. We learn something from their criticism. Remember your life is too precious to throw it away. – Aunty Lisa

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