Dear Aunty Lisa

I just got married as a second wife to my 34-year-old husband. My husband’s first wife will not accept me. She accuses me of trying to break her marriage and she calls me names like Homebreaker behind my back. I have no problem with her and I wish for us to just get along. Why does she hate me like I was the one who proposed marriage to her husband? – Cristy

Dear Cristy

I will not comment or ask about the circumstances leading to you getting married to a married man, but I will try to help you understand his first wife. She is only acting the way she is because she feels cheated, she did not expect what happened and to her you are nothing but what she calls you, a “home breaker.” Her reaction is normal, do not expect her to smile and welcome you when she is still trying to deal with the shock of the events unfolding before her eyes.

Just continue being nice and she will come around eventually. Continue being the humble and nice person I would like to believe you are and she will see your true colours. Do not try to fight her back or call her names as well but give her time to come to terms with the reality and you will be surprised to turn up the best of friends. – Aunty Lisa

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